Date: 3rd October 2009 at 2:35pm
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Martin O’Neill has quite rightly savaged Curtis Davies agent who made some pathetic comments last week which will only serve to alienate the player with the fans and the club – maybe the player should now step in and apologise for any offense caused, especially to the many thousands of Villa (and other) fans struggling to find gainful employment during the economic crisis which seemingly has passed by many players judging by their lack of respect towards those who struggle to pay for their tickets to watch these ‘heroes’.

Bloody hell that was a long sentence!

MON looks like he was less than impressed with the junk the agent spoke last week: The Woes Of Curtis Davies

The Villa boss told the press, including this in the Daily Mail that he had always thought that contracts were private ‘but if the agent of a player chooses to divulge them then that’s entirely up to them.’

He agrees that Davies will be able to start talks and re-negotiate his contract after 60 games (he is 2 off, is it MON’s fault that he is currently injured and can’t play?) adding, that he didn’t really want to have to be talking about this publicly and saying that Villa look after the players well at the club and with a bit of a barb adds, including injured players!

He also says that the agent knows where Villa stand already, ‘I was very pleased that he had played some matches, when really he probably wasn’t completely fit – in the sense that it was psychological if not physical that the shoulder might come out at any given stage again. So from that viewpoint we’re grateful. But all of those things are all taken into consideration when eventually we sit down and decide to do it (negotiate a contract), naturally.’

The most telling part though, ‘There are certain guidelines but this idea that ‘he is considering his future’, I’m not so sure that that’s the brightest thing that an agent – and a player who’s controlling his agent – should be saying.’

Well said MON, to go to the club with the concerns is fine and indeed dandy, to go to the press and start talking about the woes of someone on £25 000 or so a week is plain pathetic.