Date: 29th April 2009 at 12:50pm
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Martin O’Neill has joined the debate following Bolton Wanderer’s chairman Phil Gartside floated the idea of a Premier League Two which would include bringing in Scottish giants Celtic and Rangers.

MON doesn’t talk about the other proposals – sorry, that should read wretched-closed-shop-do-it-and-kill-at-least-10-football-league-clubs proposals – but does back letting the Jocks into the Premiership.

I’d not be bothered, let them in, but only after they play their way up all the leagues like everyone else has to!

MON said on AVTV:

‘My personal thought is that Celtic and Rangers would enhance the Barclays Premier League. Glasgow is a phenomenal football city – Celtic house 60,000 and Rangers house 50,000. I’m not sure about Rangers but I know Celtic’s capacity could go from 60,000 to 80,000 overnight – without a doubt.’

He also says the talk of letting them in isn’t new, there was plenty of it when he was the manager of Celtic, but it died away.

‘I suppose Belgian teams could then ask to join the Dutch league and Dutch teams could then request to join the Bundesliga. All of those points would have to be considered. But if you’re asking for a personal opinion, I think Celtic and Rangers joining would enhance the Barclays Premier League and make us all strive to get better. That’s my view.’

Adding, ‘I certainly support the idea. But, then again, I could be a voice in the wilderness.’

It will get a big thumbs down by most PL clubs because they know it would threaten their positions but again, the question has to be asked, why would you want to destroy another countries league and allow a couple of foreign teams to enter the Premier League? Where would you stop?

Oh and as for the closed shop proposed by Phil Gartside, such a shame to see a PL chairman being so protectionist and wanting a 1 up and 1 down from the PL2 into the football leagues. That is NOT football surely?

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18 Replies to “MON Wants Celtic & Rangers In Premiership”

  • I’d still like to know what would happen if one of the Scottish teams were to be relagated, arethey to stay in the English leagues no matter what, once they arrive? What happens if, in 10 years time, there is a new dominant force in Scottish football, will they be invited in too. If teams from the Scotish leagues could be promoted to the EPL2, would that only be in the case of a Scottish team relegation. This is all to complicated and would be unfair to someone. The only real way to do it would be to make the Prem a true Anglo/Scottish league with promotion from lower leagues being based on a play-off between the champions of the “regional” leagues, as happens with promotion to the Conferance (or whatever they are calling it these days)

  • I have always thought that there is no way this could happen, but when you think of Cardiff/Swansea/Wrexham, what is the difference??

  • Would the EPL get extra places in Europe? The second string teams left in the SPL will be in the position that the LOW teams have now – getting thrashed in August! Even tougher for English teams to get into Europe 🙁

  • I got involved in the discussion on the Vital Celtic website last week and ended up having a fairly level headed debate with some bloke called tictacal_genius about the whole thing. I still can’t help but feel that if this proposal ever did go ahead, it would be really unfair on the SPL and the Scottish FA. Like I said on their forum, surely the SPL will become another League of Wales.

  • No No No No No, stay in ur own country, this is England and our league is 4 ENGLISH TEAMS ONLY.

  • Just concentrate on the fkn Villa Mr O’Neill. Go find players we need. That’s your job. Get on with it.

  • no no no no no no astonsteve, that’s quite true is it. Cardiff, Swansea, and Wrexham fans would strongly disagree with you.

  • From a Celtic point of view i am not in favour , Celtic would probably benefit financially out of this move but call me old fashioned i think clubs should play in there own country & continue to try & improve the quality there surely there is more to life than greed?Agree with astoguerilla reckon scottish football would suffer financially with this move although not as much as you think!

  • Nice astonsteve, Is that because you think they’re ****e, or because you don’t like non-english things?

  • Touch harsh astonsteve the Welsh sides have been playing in English leagues for @ least 100years where has it ever been stated that your leagues are for English clubs only????

  • At least if Villa were playing Celtic It would save MON having to go to Scotland when the transfer window opens.

  • I think another much worse accident would be waiting to happen!

    I am supprised nobody mentioned what happened in the 70’s when Villa had a socalled “friendly” with Rangers. Thousands of drunken hooligans wrecked havok around Birmingham! Fighting, smashing things up, looting the shops. They even somehow managed to take the Holtend! And I cant remember that any other club ever did that in that!

    Secondly, I can still remember the sight of again thousands of drunken Scottsmen invading the Wembley pitch, terrorising everyone, smashing down the goal posts etc. That was the main reason the Home championships were abandoned.

    If you think those days are gone, just look what the Rangers fans did in Manchester last year at the finals of the Uefa cup! And it was only this year that Uefa were halfway to fining the Celtic fans singing IRA sympathy songs!

    NO, NO, NO! We have too much to loose now that English football has finally cleared itself of the old hooligan problem. We DONT want one slipping in over the border on a weekly basis.

    Nothing against Scots people. I have had great experiences with them, and one of my best friend is Scots. But that is on a personel level. Something gets triggered when anything is on a Scotland v. England type situation that makes them turn into the type of thugs you see in Mel Gibson films!

  • villa de the home internationals were not abandoned for the reason you stated the SFA & EFA ditched Wales & Northern Ireland for the Rous Cup.

  • Interesting point villa_de, I hadn’t really thought about that. My dad sometimes talks about the time the Holte End was taken by Rangers fans, he said there were bloody loads of ’em. Maybe they should just extend the invitation to teams from the highland league; Forres Mechanics, Buckie Thistle, Inverurie Loco Works are all cracking names for a football club!

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