Date: 11th November 2009 at 3:18pm
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This issue seems to crop up every now and then and here we go again!

Martin O’Neill has joined Appy Arry Redknapp from Spurs and David Moyes from Everton saying that Rangers and Celtic should be allowed into the Premiership.

Our latest poll asks if you agree and we also have a debate going on in the forum:

MON told BBC NEWS that he would like to see both Celtic and Rangers join the Premiership and argues it would make the PL ‘stronger’.

‘Celtic are just an unbelievable club, and Rangers also.’ Adding, ‘I don’t think for one minute that the likes of ourselves at Aston Villa would sit back and think ‘that’s it, we’ll just give up. I think all clubs would try to get stronger because of it.’

Bolton chairman Phil Gartside is going to put forward his plans which were in the national press a few months back to have a two league Premier League with around 36-40 teams in it and the talk is of including the two SPL giants. Lovely, great way to ruin the Scottish league and to block some of our lower league teams from gaining promotion! If I remember rightly it was a bit of a closed shop when it came to relegation from tier two to the Championship also, which is disgraceful.

I personally have no problem with Celtic and Rangers coming into the English leagues but why shouldn’t they have to play their way up from the Conference? The real Wimbledon are having to do so after their club was franchised to Milton Keynes.

The BBC article has a quote from former Celtic player and boss Billy McNeill who thinks it would be good but that it won’t happen, something Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore also said as he doubts the PL clubs would vote for it due to (quite rightly) self interest!

There will be a special Sportsound discussing the idea of the Old Firm playing in English football tonight (11/11/2009) from 1900GMT on Radio Scotland 810MW and online.

Our latest poll asks your thoughts.

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