Date: 5th May 2006 at 10:55am
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Monday is d-day for David O’Leary because that is the day, the Mirror claim, when the under pressure manager will have to face Deadly Doug Ellis (aka The Menace of B6) and explain why we have finished with the lowest ever points tally in the Premiership.

O’Leary believes that he will be at Villa Park next season but the fans are voting with their feet due to the lack of ambition from Doug but also the total lack of faith most have in the manager. The season ticket holders were sent a questionnaire about whether they will renew or not. Two thirds of those who took part said they would not if O’Leary was still in charge.

So Monday isn’t just d-day for O’Leary but also for Villa and more importantly the long suffering fans.

Personally I want someone who is proud to manage this club, problems at the top or not. O’Leary has been insulting this season in his excuses, deflecting blame onto everyone and everything – apart from himself.

As someone said on the vital forum yesterday,

Due to Ellis we aren’t a top six club anymore (and he should leave because of that) BUT we are also in no way a bottom six club and the manager has got to be held accountable.

Our latest poll asks if you think David O’Leary will be sacked or leave. Not if you WANT him to be, this is whether he WILL go.


10 Replies to “Monday Is D-Day For Villa”

  • Rather in a car, under a bus full of dynamite. D’OL has to go, one prat in charge is enough but two idiots running the team and club is terrible

  • So who would sacrifice 1.7million that we could use to buy a new player or 2 on getting rid of DOL?? I would…I feel a decent manager could get 2 more players worth of ability out of our current squad anyway so its worth the money!

  • I have just seen this on the 606 message board – it rings true to me (granted the source is unreliable), what do you think? See you all Sunday!

    “Don’t know how many of you are aware of a big announcement that will be made at VP on Sunday, when i first

  • But what if his son is even worse than ellis. then again he might be a proper villa man and sort out this club by getting rid of DOL and buying us some desent players

  • Lets face it, Villa don’t really need to go out and buy players to be challenging for 6th place, on paper we have a fairly fantastic squad who just don’t know how to play together and that’s the manager’s responsibility. Ok, we could do with a few more b

  • I’m suspicious already. If that is indeed the announcement, then how do we know that son Peter wont be just a puppet chairman, with Ellis ruling the roost in the background, still dictating club policies and overseeing the day to day running of the club.

  • What do we do then? I mean if Peter Ellis becomes the new chairman. We all want Ellis out but it’s hard to protest against a guy who has never done anything in his life.

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