Date: 17th August 2009 at 7:16pm
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Martin O’Neill has said he was slightly surprised after seeing stats about player usage last season.

Admitting on the official site that last week he went to a meeting for managers and was told that Villa only used 17 players all season, whilst other clubs had used over 23.

This has made him determined to add to the squad and adopt more of a rotational policy…possibly more rotational than we heard when he talked about rotation at the start of last season you would presume.

‘I was a wee bit surprised. I knew how many we had used but I didn’t realise was less than anyone else.

‘It’s a team game. We are trying to get some extra players in if we can and in our own way, we’re hoping to look after the players.

‘There’s a long way to go. This is a game for all of us – it’s going to be a long season ahead.

‘From the performance against Wigan, we’ve got a lot to do.’

How this fits with news today of a possible Luke Yung transfer to Hull (adding strength to rumours over the last week) I don’t know.

We knew we were desperately short last season, and so far we are no better in the numbers/experience department. The promotion of hopefuls like Bannan, Albrighton, Clark etc look very nice on paper, Marc aside, you wouldn’t expect to see them in the league too often so although obviously they will help tiredness in Cup games, there still aren’t many options for rotation in the league itself – or at half time for example.

There’s definitely a lot to do.

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