Date: 15th March 2009 at 8:25pm
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Martin O’Neill was disappointed after our 2-1 loss to Spurs today and told the official site he thought we played ‘great’ in the first half’ despite conceding an early goal.

Adding, ‘Ashley Young was in great form – really mesmeric in that first half – and it looked as if it was a case of when rather than if we would score. I was very confident in the dressing room at half-time and so were the players. But we conceded a desperately poor goal early in the second half and that was a major setback for us. It rocked us.’

The Villa boss goes on to say the rhythm was gone and adds that they are all ‘bitterly disappointed because it was a game we really thought we could win.’

He also admits our home form has been the problem this season and our record at Villa Park has let us down.


17 Replies to “MON’s Post Spurs Loss Reaction”

  • Monny, absolute muppet today, I think it’s the first time you have *****ed me off. Leaving the defence clueless after taking Knight off, even the commentators said it was like musical chairs, and NRC must be so *****ed off with being moved around the most.

  • To true othello, booing Gabby was disgraceful. Seems to me that 20% of villa fans in the Holte End are proper dic!heads. The atmosphere today reminded me of the D’OL era and the manager and players don’t deserve that. They have given us the best season in many years so far, just wish we could support them properly sometimes!!

  • Gabby wasnt booed….the Holte cheered when he was taken off. I felt for him, but he needs to be put in the reserves to get his touch back.
    I hate all this we are ahead of schedule nonsense, plus all this ‘if you had given us 5th at the start of the season we would of taken it’ crap. Thats the talk of mediocrity – its tantamount to giving up. We had our chance against Stoke. Blew it. Against Chelsea. Blew it. Against Spurs. Blew it. Oh, look at the next two away fixtures. We are going to get turned over, unless we go back to the 4-5-1 with Carew the lone striker. Oh and dear lord – please lay your healing hands on Martin Laursen.

  • Sorry folks, but face it – you’ve played too many games and your squad is too tired. Playing the reserves and going out of the UEFA cup may still prove to be what saves your season, but yopu’ve got quite a few players that need to rediscover their form if you want that Champ’s league spot.

  • FCB, don’t give me that s h i t e about too tired. They only play football for *****s sake!!! we are very likely to lose 5th place soon too unless we turn it around. Gabby needs to be dropped and someone else given a chance imo.

  • The booing was for the clueless manager and the cheers were ironic when he finally noticed Gabby wasn’t doing it . Hasn’t been for weeks now . Funny how he had noticed Curtis had returned to pub player and dropped him or was that just to get his love child back in the team ?

  • Not a good day in the office and with one point from the last 15 and two tough away games to come – things are not looking good.

  • People cheering when players get taken off and booing at the final whistle are making things worse.And doesnt give a very good impression of the club or the fans,we will be the cause of our own downfall.I wouldnt be suprised if the manager walked in the summer.

  • Sorry Pking, D’OL will be in charge at WHL in June after ‘arry fails to win the league. Probably with Glen Roeder as his no 2 and Dave Basset as reserve coach

  • That UEFA gambit has really backfired! If we don’t finish fourth we may as well finish 10th as MON has already devalued the UEFA Cup. Some truly awful decisions by the boss recently.

  • I dont know about you but an england team with Ashley Young on the left and Aaron Lennon on the right would be devastating!!!!!

  • Made a fool of Lennon……what…granted, had a great firast half but went missing in the second.

  • Stop getting excited about beating us at last. Im from Northants not Brum Bright spark. Lennon can run with the ball……Thats it. Young can do everything buddy hence why real madrid came snooping thanks to your ex boss. Why didnt they go for Lennon???? Im angry because i want to see us play champs league with the big boys (where we belong) and relegation fodder like you throw spanners in the works. Well done spuds, 6 points clear of the relegation zone. Give yourselves a big pat on the back. Well done…….

  • Medzy, you really aren’t that clever, are you? I’m Villa through and through, and a Brummie. If your grasp of English was just that little bit better, you’d have noticed that from the last post. It’s these antagonistic posts that give US VILLA SUPPORTERS a bad name. I bet you booed or would have if you’d got out of your armchair in ‘Northants’.

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