Date: 11th August 2009 at 3:39pm
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Well it sounds like it when you listen to Monny’s latest speech.

Speaking on the official site Monny said that between those players who can make the step up and those that he has identified to come in from other clubs should make us a ‘a better footballing side’ and more resiliant to deal with whatever a season may throw at us.

He also talks about having to ‘adjust’ to the combined losses of Gareth Barry and Martin Laursen, going a stage further with our former concrete heading captain and pointing out what most of us had already realised.

‘There’s no question that both Gareth and Martin are major losses. He is a definite loss – very strong in the middle of the field. So we will have to try and adjust to that.

‘Martin is major too. If you analyse last season, I believe the single biggest factor in us not hanging on was his absence. He gave us something that we certainly lacked when he was not in the team.’

The loss of Laursen definitely tallied with our loss of form, we may not have been playing particularly attractive football at the time but Laursen was quality and could repel most things. Without him organising the centre (especially with the added complication of people out of position) it always became a case of ‘when’ we conceeded as opposed to ‘if’.

Which is never a good way of entering a match!

Speaking more generally about ‘replacements’ he added:

‘We will have to replace them. That’s my job. Some players within the football club are able to step up and do that and there may be one or two from outside.

‘The type of player we are looking to bring to the football club at the moment will make us hopefully, in the not-too-distant future, a better footballing side.

‘We’ll be better at dealing with the ball and better at dealing with situations.’

We can all guess those that are expected to make the step up, in fact after the squad numbers were released today we don’t even have to guess, but it’s a big ask to expect the youth to make a consistent step up, so the squad does need bolstering with further quality and experience.

If Monny does manage it, we will certainly be a better side.

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