Date: 31st August 2007 at 3:32pm
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Martin O’Neill has spoken of our new arrival Curtis Davies and the possibility of more arrivals.

On Davies he said:

‘I am very pleased to have signed Curtis. He has been worth waiting for. It seems a long time since our interest was made known but all’s well that ends well. West Brom wanted to do the deal in the way we have done it, starting with a season-long loan, and I am happy to go along with it.’

On the soon to close transfer window and our lack of a right-back, he added:

‘It’s still possible someone may be coming in before midnight but it looks like the right-back I really want will not be available for two or three months. If that is the case, then so be it. I would prefer the player I want to come in January but we do have alternatives here.’

Right, so we go through until January without a single recognised right-back at the club after months of waiting? Superb planning I must say. So Olof Mellberg will no doubt be shifted to the right where he doesn’t like playing and where his game is really not suited, or we play a midfielder there. Surely selling Aaron Hughes, a recognised and capable (albeit not world beating) right-back was a total error in judgement?

The Villa boss also confirmed no one had been in contact to buy Shaun Maloney, putting pay to reports in Scotland suggesting the diminutive striker was set to move back to Celtic before midnight tonight.


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  • Mr Fear, another interpretation is that MON did not rate Hughes any higher as a RB than Gardner or Mellberg – in which case why keep him?

  • Martin O’Neill has a lot to answer for if we go until january without a right back! As someone said on the forum even if we signed Defoe, SWP and Adriano, I would still be *****ed at MON coz he hasnt done his job properly!

  • Prem clubs can only have 2 loan players. Carson & Davies. No RB’s coming. Hasn’t MON said that! He will wait until Jan for his target to become available. Laursen & Davies at CB, Knight on the bench and Olly at RB.

  • I agree with you JP this does not make any kind of sense; to go into the first half of the season without a recognised RB. It is like the McLaran F1 team starting their races with the rear off-side wheel slightly smaller than the others. It does not matter how good the other components are we cannot be competitive. There seems to be some crazy logic here that I, for one, cannot understand. I do hope I am wrong and MON produces a good RB out of the hat, otherwise we will struggle and it is unfair to Mellberg and Gardner to expect them to perform at this level week in week out.

  • Hughes wanted to leave and he was absolute crap, we conceded 70 odd per cent of our goals from his position when he played. O’Halloran can play right back, so can Davies and they are both far better than Hughes. Gardener has been fine at right back and says he doesn’t mind playing there as long as he’s playing, so lets not put words into players mouths. And to be fair Gardener can improve his game by being in that position, coming from deep and passing balls through to the forwards. MON’s target is Vintunes from Pacos de Ferreira, and he can’t buy out till January so I’ve heard, and the Bosingwa thing was just a fabrication off web blogs, he said on Spanish TV that NO ONE from England had approached him or his agent or Porto, only one from Italy. So thats that.

  • Davies was asked in an interview by Jack i’m a beardy weasel Woodward whether he was versitile and he said not really his best position is centre half but he’ll where the boss wants him to……

  • Yes Madrish, he played RB for them on quite a few occaisions, he also did for Luton, and quite well too.

  • astonmilan, spot on. Hughes did a reasonable job but, like Davo i’m afraid, was not prepared to fight for his place. Not sure on the Portugese stuff but no reason to doubt it. O’Halloran a good prospect, we can cover it, but we could do with a RB specialist short term at least, maybe Hoyte on loan till Jan. Not sure about Rosenior.

  • glad your happy with the situation atonmilan but I for one don’t find it so excusable. You can’t compare O’Halloran or Davies to Hughes as neither have played RB at Premiership level. You also pick a figure out of the air of 70% of our goals being conceded through Hughes… come on give us a breakdown of this stat? However you wish to gloss over the failings of MON to secure a RB after a year I don’t wish to share your optimism that everything will be fine. Gardner is a young up and coming central midfielder and he shouldn’t be improving his game by playing out of position.

  • Madrish the player is Antunes, sorry mistyped it, and we are heavily linked both ways. Another player we were in serious talks with was Simplicio of Palermo, but he is a non EU player and has Visa and Passport problems involved with moving from Italy and around Europe. Maybe we will get a loan player in, and to be fair only Hoyte is of the quality you would want, any others are well settled. Ronenoir, ????? not convinced, plus Hughes is injured at Fullham now, surprise surprise !!

  • Hoss, did you ever go to watch the reserves mate ?? Gardener played at right back on numerous occaisions. On the other point, who is or has been available to buy this year ?? Bosingwa is just hype, the only club who enquired about him was Juve, and he wasn’t interested because they aren’t in the CL this year. So tell me how we are going to attract him ? Hoyte is a massive Arsenal fan and gets games whenever possible, Antunes wants to come if you believe the Portugese press, but can’t buy out till Jan. Everyone keeps going on about signings, but all that keeps being mentioned is Defoe and SWP. Name names of RB’s available, if it was that easy we’d have one in now surely.

  • Rosenior is in talks with Reading, so don’t think he will be coming on loan anyway. That BBC football rumour page is great. The rumours are so stupid. Apparently Guti is coming to Villa, this is despite him playing regulalrly for Madrid. Lol. The only player I believe we could be waiting for is Defoe.

  • As for the stats Hoss, it was from the Actim sports web page or whatever its called, and it was from the season before last, and we noticed that a very high percentage came from that position, the left of the attacking team, i:e our rightback / right centerback area. It was around 70%.

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