Date: 1st April 2009 at 2:07pm
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Tony Morley feels that Villa can pull off an upset against Man U, but he feels the Everton game will be far more crucial for our Top 4 fight.

Speaking on the official site, Morley thinks that Villa can capitalise on United’s loss of form and really go for all 3 points to get our season back on track.

For the Everton match, a win Morley feels would put them out of the chase and leave us to focus solely on Arsenal .

Speaking on the official site our former League Championship and European Cup winner said:

‘They’ve got two vital games. It wouldn’t surprise me if Villa went to Old Trafford and got a result.

‘But the big one is Everton. If they can beat Everton here the week after I think that’ll put them right out of the race then.’

On our blip of late, he added:

‘I was expecting a slump. If you look at it, Arsenal have had a slump, Liverpool have had a slump, Manchester United have had a slump and Chelsea have had a slump. Villa hadn’t had one all year and at some point every team has a bit of a poor spell.

‘But Villa have just got one thing to aim for now – qualifying for the Champions League. Arsenal have got the Champions League to go for and the FA Cup.

‘There are one or two young players in the Arsenal side and let’s be honest, they’d rather be the European champions and finish sixth.

‘That’s something they’ve never won so maybe one or two will take their eye off the fourth spot and maybe Villa can sneak in.’

Despite all the criticisms of late, there’s a lot of sense in Morley’s words. The season is certainly not over yet and we shouldn’t believe it is.

We have some tough games coming up, along with games we should expect to take 3 points from. Arsenal have a difficult run in aswell and their eyes will be on the Cup so they can be expected to slip up again and when they do we just have to take our opportunity to get back in the game and make it a fight to the end.


14 Replies to “Morley Looking For An Upset”

  • Don’t worry Tony, there will be upset. I and many others will be in tears following the game.

  • I would be a brave man to back Villa for a win but this season has seen Villa perform brilliant on the road.

  • Jeez always the same – there has to be someone having a dig – not even funny if was meant to be.

  • Youg Jonah your becoming boring with all your negativity.
    Go and support the Blues then you would really have somethig to moan about.
    Rome was not built in a day be patient, no manager is perfect but i believe we have one of the best available at the moment.
    What do you want steady progress or the *****e that has been served up since 2001?
    Stop moaning and get behind the team. Its easy to support a team when they are winning its bloody hard when things are wrong.
    Be positive and thank your lucky stars ODreary didnt take us down. Just think where we could have been today

  • Why would I want to support the blues? I am Villa through and through, if I wasn’t do you really think I would be commenting either way? I am in the minority who has not ‘enjoyed the ride’ this season, there has been some dire football this season at Villa Park (although I have not made nearly as many away games as I would like), barring 4 maybe 5 games this season, we have been poor and have ridden our luck on certain occassions. We are on the same amount of points as we were this time last season. How anyone can say we have progressed from 12months ago, I don’t know, especially considering the level of investment the manager made in the summer. But that said the season aint over till its over. And as always, come 3pm saturday I will be fully behind the boys, as I have been every week since I was a kid.

  • I may not be Mr Positive this season, but how anyone can question my love for this club astounds me. The fact is, you don’t me. If you met me you would see I love the club just as much as the next guy. But have you little digs if you like, I prefer to discuss footballing matters.

  • I have to agree with others about Young Jonah, it seems no matter what the story he has something negative to say about it. Would it hurt you to get behind the club for 8 games?? This could still potentially be the best season we have had for god knows how long!! How you can say we have not made progress is bewildering, as last year we never seriously threatened the top 4 when this year we have at least pressurised them. At one point we were talked as outsiders for the league. Fair enough it has gone a little and may completely go pear shaped, but I’m a much happier man than I was 2 to 3 years ago and many before that!!

  • Have we improved, or has the Top 4 under performed this season? Or again are we at the point where fans who point out rightly that the world isn’t as rosy as others would believe are suddenly not fans?????

  • Exactly MF, people forget that we have been lucky not just on the pitch but off it to, Everton and Arsenal had poor starts to the season, that they didn’t have last year. Yes we put some pressure on them but that is worth nothing come the end of the season. Its the final league position that counts. And if we were to finish (which I doubt we will) 7th, then to say we did better than last season would be odd, dropping a position but using the quote “we were 3rd in February and 4th in March” will be of little consolation.

  • Of course you are entitled to your view, YJ, as is (almost lol) everyone else, but I have to admit to being baffled why, when our rivals have ‘poor starts’, you consider us to be ‘lucky’, but when we have a poor spell (which EVERY team has – e.g. Fulham 2 – 1 Manure), our own fans give the team and manager far more stick than the critics do. Is that not a touch negative?

  • Been a long time since Peter Withe’s two goals secured our last victory at Old Trafford. Hopefully we’ll show a return to some sort of form following the humiliation at Anfield. We have enough about us to give them a decent game, but to do so we need to be firing on all cylinders.

  • Good job some of these moaners and groaners weren’t around to experience the bad times, the stagnation and decline. Then they’d really have something to moan about. Impatience. Thats the problem. MON inherited an absolute shambles on the playing side.

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