Date: 7th January 2007 at 11:02am
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Sorry, don’t usually comment directly on newspaper articles but this one, by Patrick Barclay in the Telegraph today has to be about the worst I’ve ever read: Click Here

His premise is that Martin O’Neill isn’t altogether thrilled at being at Villa and that he is still a good bet for the Manchester United job.

Basically he is saying that O’Neill is still the bookies favourite for the Man Utd job jointly with Mark Hughes (both at 7/2). So? The job isn’t vacant and the way Fergie is going, won’t be for a long time.

I see no substance in that whatsoever, or any real reason or substance to the article where he says after missing out on the England job:

Watching O’Neill on television diffidently intoning his respect for Chelsea and seeming altogether devoid of relish, I rejoiced that he would not face the sort of mauling all those who lead England eventually suffer. At least, spared that, he can preserve his reputation in readiness for the day — if it ever arrives — when United or some other great institution call. Time is running out. O’Neill, 54, is no longer a young manager and all the while others are acquiring experience at a pace he cannot currently match, especially in Europe. Yet listen to those bookies — or the voices in their ears. They must be confident those who advise the Glazer family on what is best for United believe that, in this case, class will tell.

What relish would you expect to see our manager show after drawing with Chelsea, would you expect him to be jumping up and down with joy? O’Neill knows he is at the bottom of a very steep hill at Villa and only new arrivals will see us start to truly climb that hill.

Maybe O’Neill isn’t altogether happy, maybe it is taking him time to settle back into the tough Premiership league after so long out of the game, who knows as the man quite rightly keeps his cards very closely to his chest but he loves the game and seems to have taken to the Villa like a duck to water, a few new arrivals and a couple of wins and we’ll be off and running.

So what do we have to do to get decent National press? Maybe we should re-locate to London or start wearing red? And don’t get me started on Match of the Day hiding our famous badge behind the stadium in the intro!

Nice timing though Barclay, trying to unsettle the manager and team before a big game, well done, nice try, close but no cigar.


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  • if o’neill was so unhappy to be at villa, why did he turn down a host of so-called bigger clubs the decide to join us ? its not as if he needs to build up his cv or needs the far as im concerned, if he is true to his word and we get 5years out of him and has acheived something with us, i would wish him the very best at united.the reality is that we are not at the same level as united by a very long these links are always going to happen to such a highly rated manager (the most sought after according to a recent fans poll)

  • Sounds like the scratchings of a typical trouble causing journo’ to me. Shows yet again that the media seem to have a hate for Villa.
    Probably our great history that offends them.

  • Great managers mould clubs as well as teams in their image – most famously Clough at Forest. At Villa, with Lerner’s backing, Mart has the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of his mentor. And let’s be honest, whoever takes over at Man Utd when Fergie steps upstairs will be handed a thankless task.

  • That makes no sense at all. Fergie is on the verge of retirement, Mr O’Neil could have waited a bit longer, done some TV work, kept the garden trim and bided his time for the Man U job. But no, he didn’t. He wants to manage Villa, because he can see the opportunity it presents to make him look EVEN better by resurecting us.

  • Great article, especially the bit about O’Neill having no experience in Europe. Apart from being in the Champions League every year with Celtic.

  • Very few of the pundits and ”experts” have links to villa from their careers,apart from alan mcanaly and andy gray.Tony Cotees bias towards Wham makes my blood boil.And were never really challenging for anything or fighting relegation so the build up on tv is always about the team were playing.Were never David or Goliath (apart from today)

  • Obviously the man (a term I use loosely when referring to journos) had failed to find a decent story, editor is on his back, so he decides to write complete and utter *********, MON did not have to take the Villa job, he chose to, and if that *****es off a lot people who wanted him to manage their team then so be it, jealosy pure and simple.

  • Maybe there is nothing else, disgraceful really that a reporter can cast dispursions on the Manager of a club and the part he will play in the future of that club. Could be just an easy story, knocked out last thing when all other avenues of honest journalism have failed to fill his vacant pages. The man is taking money from the Telegraph under false pretences and should be receiving a rocket up the arseole fron his Sports Editor (if he bothers to read his drivel) MON long haul at Villa Park Telegraph reporter one step from Unemployment.

  • What worries me is that he can’t seem to win a game at the moment – he also doesn’t seem on the verge of any major signings – any manager with those stormclouds hanging over him – isn’t likley to be to chuffed – and the press soon pick up on this. – If fergie quits Manu – I would expect O Neil to be in the frame – the only reason he won’t be – is villa are still languishing in the bottom half of the prem, and bringing in players on loan.

  • MON wont leave us, (unless fergie somehow quits united before this seasons ends an they come sniffing). Randy had him in his masterplan since day one. I sincerley believe MON will be at Villa Park in 5 years time

  • +++he can’t seem to win a game at the moment +++ The players also have to shoulder the blame for the poor run of results. as manager MON can only pick from the squad he Inherited.

  • Prawns all round… Not a hope in hells chance of Keane EVER becoming manager of a high profile club.

  • When Fergie quits and it may be after they win the European Cup, whenever that is, there will be plenty of quality managers who have WON in Europe available for the job.
    Despite the fanatical belief (I nearly said fanciful belief), some fans have in O’Neil, he wasn’t Lerner’s first choice by far, he wanted the England job and was turned down for McClaren !!!and his results performance so far is poorer than O’Leary’s in the worst year in Villa’s history.
    Add in the medical problems his wife has, his refusal to move to the Midlands, his obvious difficulties atm with the squad,I think the chances of him staying at Villa aren’t as good as some dreamers would want.

  • Big fan of MON, but he should have gone for it tonight. Angel for Baros? ManU were poor, and we could have (undeservedly) won this game. Play strikers ….. we score!

  • The trouble with our club is that to a lot of supporters the glass is always half empty. And as for what Randy Lerner had or has in mind and what goes on day to day at the club and in these peoples lives, how the hell does anybody know what goes on. Just pure hearsay and dribble.

    O’neill will see the job through, its a tough job in the premiership with 16 other managers trying to do it aswell (take out the top four), every one wants the good players not just us, O’niell chose this job above a couple of so called big clubs.

    Don’t start moaning now about a bunch of very young players not quite hitting the heights yet.

    My advise just support the club you love or go and buy a Man Utd or Chelsea shirt and subscribe to sky sports

  • I think the next manager of Manure is likely to be Mark Hughes?? Martin O’Neill has the chance to be a Villa legend whereas at Manure he would simply be the replacement for their greatest ever manager.

  • MON will only be eligble to move on to better things after making his mark here at VP. He’s now 57. Man.U. would not appoint anyone, unless exceptional, over the age of 50 and neither would England. So I expect MON to see his time out at Villa Park – and hopefully that will be for at least another 7 or 8 years until he’s 65.

  • I agree totally with Astonmilan Im a miserable B#sterd in daily life so supporting villa has always fitted in with that.Im delighted MON has had to stick it out with the players he’s got.The basis of an excelent side is developing that could stay together for years similar to NForrest with Clough.Weve come on remarkably quickly in terms of attitude from the board down,for once the vibes are good.And the fans have a responsability to stay patient and positive.

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