Date: 4th September 2007 at 12:12pm
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Martin O’Neill has explained the signing of 24-year-old of Togo international midfielder Moustapha Salifou.

He said on the official site:

‘Obviously I watched the World Cup games and they played France. Togo made a slow start as France went for it from the first minute, but the game settled and he did well. But that’s not how it came about, it was the fact that his British agent had mentioned him to me before, but didn’t pursue it when we took Nigel Reo-Coker on board. Once the agent called, I had to go back through my notes to see what I’d said about him at the time – to refresh my memory. Once I’d done that, I actually thought on deadline day that it was worth taking a little risk.’

The player was brought to Villa for a nominal fee and can hardly have the highest wages at the club, so why not take a punt eh?! I can see very little to lose, he either impresses and gets a longer than one season contract, or he is shipped out!

O’Neill says ‘The boy has great hunger and wants to do it. We’ve paid a nominal fee which can rise if he does well and the rest is up to him. He’s really up for the challenge. He can play in a number of different positions, which is always encouraging. He can do a bit, there’s no doubt about it.’

He also says he likes his attitude and desire and he is surprised no one else has snapped him up before now.

‘For somebody who’s played 40 internationals at 24 years of age, it was a deal well worth doing for us and getting a work permit wasn’t a problem. It’s absolutely and utterly risk-free.’


13 Replies to “Moustapha Risk Free Player”

  • Ok, now you have the risk free player lets hope you can take a risk next time and buy us a RB. Talking of which it’s 17 weeks till the transfer window opens again… where’s the rumours page to get us started?

  • Is boswinga really ALL that? I mean, we’ve hung onto this rumour because it persisted and because the price kept escalating but is that really an indication of his quality or just of the market in general?

  • i think it will be boswinga, its not as if were short at the back, mellberg and gardener can play there and we still have davies, knight, laursen, and cahill to cover the middle.

  • No complaints from me on this one. MON knows what he’s doing. It might be considered as a bit of a gamble, but who knows? Might just turn out to be a quality piece of business.

  • MON is taking players who want to be at Villa and can be relied upon to give 100%. If this guy fits the bill then welcome aboard.

  • how risk free is he. If he turns out to be an excellent player i can see other teams getting him to sign a pre-contract in January. There have been a couple of others who have jumped ship after one year. Chimbonda from wigan to Tottenham being one. Although he was on longer contract that wigan did recieve money for him. I am just hoping we have some sort of clause in there for an extension if he proves himself.

  • Im quite excited by this signing if could play in the world cup then he’s worth a shot in the prem.I watched the video of him on youtube some of the long balls he plays are pretty good.

  • To all who have said he’s risk free and why not take a punt on him, I’d like to say “HEAR HEAR!”. I seem to remember not so long ago the moaners (that litter our club in great numbers), stating “we haven’t bought anyone, – look at Sven at Man *****y, he’s gone out on a limb and gambled on unknowns after just watching videos!”. Well here we go, MON has given us his years of experience and plucked a boy that he knows a little (albeit he admits , very little!) about and has the knowledge that if the boy doesn’t do the business, its not gonna cost us a fortune, when everyone knows we have pennies in the bank and are trying to screw us for as much as they can get. I for one have always liked the fact MON has the balls to pluck an unknown and give him a chance if he proves himself on the training pitch! I also like the fact he isn’t gonna be held to ransom because we’ve now got a few bob! I also like the fact that he knows (as most people who have a vague knowledge of the game), that Ollie plays in the RB position for his country (and lets face it Sweden are no mugs in the land of international football. Why shell out more money for a RB when we do indeed have cover and are now currently blessed with the positive signs that Laursen has finally (fingers crossed) overcome his injury nightmares.
    Get of MON’s back for godsake, get behind the boys and the manager, that we rer, lets face it, very lucky to have.
    Up the Villa…………………and Togo of course!

  • Be a shock to us all if MON’s best two signings turn out to be Moustapha Salifou and the American youngster we picked up from The Tarheels.

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