Date: 25th May 2007 at 2:50pm
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According to Lisa Smith , now Villa correspondent for The Birmingham Post, and a top lass too, Villa are in talks with Portsmouth utility player Matthew Taylor.

Blimey, I hope that is true, his goals are awesome and as he got 9 last season (including the two against us), that would be a great help to the strikers and team!

Taylor can play in defence and midfield and according to the report, the 25-year-old, born in Morse Land (Oxford for the uninitiated) wants to move to a club nearer his home in Oxfordshire ‘according to a source close to the player’. Bloody moms, why don’t they keep quiet!

Lisa also says that the budget for the summer is around £30million, a sum mentioned in other reports as well. I am convinced we’ll spend more than that if the right players are available though and to be fair, we need to spend more than that to play catch up, especially with some of our fringe players leaving.

Apparently targets include a goalkeeper, striker, midfielder and two defenders, no mention of a partridge or a pear tree though.


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  • Good signal of intent. A future International if he continues progress. Someone else posted that I hope we sign someone quick to show our intentions to other players who might be tempted then to sign. Come on the Villa!

  • Yep, it has got my attention! he would be pretty expensive for you guys! No disrespect, but why would he want to go to villa? We are definatley a team on the rise & surley he would want to be part of that. Its just specualtion!

  • Got my attention also… he would be a top signing for you, we are two clubs on the up with money to burn – altho you will have more, but it would not be the move forward for him it could be… we need matty to stay and i hope he will, how irronic would it be if the left sided pairing most pompey fans wanted to see last summer could happen anyway – but at villa…

  • Would be a great signing for Villa as he is real quality, but I just can’t see Pompey letting him go. It’s not like they need the money and as the Pompey fans have pointed out, their future looks as positive as ours

  • Maybe if he wants a move northwards or a fresh challenge I’d say he could do better than Villa. Then again, big wages and talk of ‘potential’ could make any player sign for the local pub team. But as he is already at a club on the up I’d doubt he just leave for the sake of it… if Pompey were willing to sell now. P.S. What’s a mom?

  • Can’t see why Matt would want to leave Pompey, but if he did go anywhere it would be to Tottenham….he’s a lifelong Spurs fan.

  • Martin O’Neill is a draw for some players, others do know the potential of Villa and now we have mon and a new board, we can start to fulfil that. Also, as it says in the article, he wants to move back up nearer his home in Oxfordshire. If he is a spurs fan, then that might well be a bigger pull though. Until I see players sign on the dotted line, I’m never confident. In the shirt, on the pitch!

  • It says a lot when fans do not want a player to leave their club. We all love our clubs so I am not in the habit of being disrespectful to fans who speak fairly on this site. I am not sure if Taylor is the right man for Villa (that is a decision for M’ON and in him we trust). The facts are quite simple though. Both Villa and Pompey see themselves as clubs on the up. Both missed out on Europe but hope to do better next season. Taylor lives an hour from Villa Park and would not have to up root his family (does he have kids???). He would be joining a club that is still predominantly youth based with a team brimming with young, English talent (Moore, Young, Barry, Gardner, Agbonlahor, Cahill, etc). He will be playing in front of significantly bigger crowds (this will increase when the stadium redevelopment is completed to over 52,000). Redknapp is media friendly (although he will never be forgiven by many Pompey fans for joining the Scummers???) but he is not in the same league as M’ON. The arguments for joining Villa outweigh the case for staying at Pompey. In the end end though it will come down to money and what the player wants. And all this is only worth a conversation if there is any truth in the press speculation.

  • Liquor&Poker (gr8 name) – A Mom is Midlands talk for a mother. We don’t say Mum. We say Mom. It’s a bit like when Mike Skinner (great guy shame about his choice of football team) said “’round here we say birds not bitches”. Not that I’m calling anyones Mom a bitch. That would just be rude.

  • Looking at the title of the article I thought you were reffering to Birmingham City, but then the ‘big club’ turned out to be Villa. Still, much funnier than my other implication. Anyway, the local Portsmouth paper doesn’t seem to have any knowledge of this story, neither does anything else. There is like, oh let’s see, approximately zero reasons to leave Pompey and the Birmingham Post is about as a reliable as a man with no legs in a tightrope walking competition, don’t knock it either, I’ve read the thing and it’s throroughly absorbant on the toilet front.

  • liquor&poker (great user name, reminds me of girl I once knew) a Mom is a mam up north and a mum down south. It is she who brought us in to the world. And the story alludes to the fact that the rumour may have been started by Taylors (mom, mam, mum).

  • Liqur&poker I need to alter my previous post. When I said of Mom “it is she who brought us in to the world”, I should have added unless of course your name is lysimachus because it was trogladyte that introduced that species to this planet.

  • And as we all know trogladytes can not read, so his story is obviously a load of tom tit.

  • You seem to mention your ‘mom’s quite a lot in this page. I guess you’ll have someone to cry off to and help you read this, huh?

  • It makes sense to sign Taylor (or the new “Tayls” 😉 ) . Now that Samuel has left we are thread bare on the left – especially in defence. Bouma will be kept on his toes, and this potential signing lives up to the theory of signing better than what we have. I think Taylor is an ever improving player, who will be knocking on England’s door very soon. Could this be the end of Patrick Berger though…. interesting thought?…..

  • ‘voiceoftheholte’, I hate to ***** on your parade but isn’t it spelt ‘troglodyte’?

  • jon.h lol. It did feel like a great white that was on the line. Where’s Quinn when you need him?

  • Doubtful I reckon, he was linked to Spurs all last close season, still at Fratton though

  • Don’t get me wrong but didn’t Pompey finish above Villa last season? I know you won the European Cup twenty five years ago but we won the FA Cup in 1939. you’ll pay through the nose for Taylor if he decides to join you, but then I’ll win as much given that my local bookies said ‘name your price’ when I asked what the odds were on taylor wearing a Villa shirt next year. Everyone at Fratton knows he go to Spurs if he goes anywhere. Good luck with more sensational stories over the summer.

  • Pompey fans listen up – Harry has done brilliantly these last few years and he continues to build so good luck. After so many years of under-achieving we are optomistic at last. Will Taylor sign? I don’t know but Ashley Young did and he had a few options. For some players family is important, training facilities, mates in the team, ground, wages, prospects, loyalty, who you supported as a kid. Yeh, he may stop at Pompey, could go to Spurs, but there is no reason why he couldn’t end up at Villa. It’s just a good story and no need for abusive posts….. by the way how do put up with that guy ringing his bell all match!!!!

  • i reckon there could be something in this you know as pompey just bought a left back in hreidarsson it just a coincidence,not so sure. o the patience are wearing very thin i tell you already! lol. UTV

  • I blame him for my tinnitus, you know. Anyway, in light of your post Gazvilla I will attempt to forward my views against this story without flinging a torrent of abuse all round. I looked at this Lisa Smith’s article and one thing to highlight was the lack of quotes, she says that a ‘source close to the player’ revealed that there were ‘talks’, why won’t she quote this ‘source’? Why isn’t there ANY quotes from managers, players, club represents, christ even family members? We aren’t even told who this ‘source’ is! Also note the use of exaggerated expressions, ‘possible move’, ‘it was claimed’, ‘according to’. Also the entire article refers to other subjects only slightly related to the story as a whole, why isn’t there any PROPER reasons for a Taylor move put forward? The ‘wants to be closer to home’ reason is incredibly clichéd, the fact that Taylor is from Oxford and is a childhood Spurs fan has been exploited by the press multiple times (the Tottenham link, etc). Other than that, no reasons are really put forward at all why Taylor would move that makes the story appear concrete, is Pompey really in need of the cash (erm, no?), is MO’N so short of left sided problems (we’ve virtually survived on Taylor alone last season, why can’t you with Barry?), would Redknapp really let Taylor talk to another club in such a short time (let’s face it, that story is sudden and most ‘exclusive’ stories are mostly false). I also would like to mention that some of my family are Brum City fans (but after the 05-06 season, yeah…), so that’s why I had the motion to be rather rude to you Villa lot, who are kinder than most scum in the Midlands (WBA fans anyway). Another reason to insult the lot of you was because of the title, seeing as you mention who this ‘big club’ was I couldn’t resist. Meh.

  • I would love for this to be true and with samuel now gone we need more defenders and Taylor is better then him but i dont think it is true. Why would Portsmouth sell him after the season he had they would do everthing to make him happy to try and keep him.

  • What papers name their sources? If a player wants to go he will. Pompy punched over their weight this season, pehaps Taylor doesn’t want to join the camp after next season.

  • bet villa punch beneath their weight again next season! Pompey top six next year!

  • both villa and pompey are going in the right direction, both are full of potential and full of money. the two teams – along with as many as half a dozen others will be in or around 5th place down… if both clubs get the signings they want – which hopefully we will – but villa wont get matty, we will all be happy this time next summer… we punched above our weight in terms of our final position but for the most part we at least deserved to finish where we did – probably higher for a lot of the football we played… a little light hearted humour is brilliant with vital football, when it turns into a slagging match that is something different – this has not really gone that way tho, which is good… to finish with tho, morky come on mate no matter how much you feel we punched above our weight there is no way on gods green earth that we will be among the worst 3 teams next season, matty knows this, i know this, ‘arry knows this, mr gaydamak’s cheque book knows this and so do you really…

  • Wouldn’t think that Lisa Smith would put her credibility on the line so early in her new Post career, penning a fictitious article such as this, unless there was enough truth to the rumour to provide a newsworthy article. Even so, its a rumour that hasn’t been reported or suggested elsewhere, so I’m not holding my breath.

  • mirror reckons o’neil has bid £5Mill, the mirror is one of the worst for sheer speculation though!

  • This reminds me of Spurs bidding 5 mil for Barry,why would they sell one of their best players?If they did I think it would take a bit more than 5 mil.

  • pie in the sky, Mirror are crap at this game, about as reliable as Tribalfootball for hard fact

  • LMFAO!!!! Villa, a big club??? Small club near Walsall, that just about sums you lot up! Big club? I’ve not laughed so much, thanks for cheering me up!!

  • When TribalFootball sees a story, no matter how wild, they will replicate it in their own words. Some way to run a business.

  • Well done TruePompeyBlue. You’ve turned a good natured debate into slagging match. Why is there always one idiot that has to spoil it

  • Open your eyes TruePompeyBlue Villa could be as big as Liverpool/Arsenal if they had the same sucess. Pompey could not…

    If Villa isn’t a big club, does that makes Pompey a small town club?!
    Look at your away fans compared to ours, we normally sell out the away allocation, pompey get about 200?

  • Before someone makes another retarded comment I’ll tell who all the “big” clubs are, except for the “current” top 4; Villa, Everton, Newcastle, Tottenham, Man City & possible some rotting in the Championship.

  • You lot make me laugh, we’ve never said we were a “big” club – but the heading of this article implies you are which is certainly not the case. Ok, you may be the top club in the Midlands at the moment but then you’ve hardly set the world alight in the past few years have you?

    We have never considered ourselves a big club, but we can all say “we could be as big as” when in fact the only proof of that is when and if it happens. You are wrong Bluedose about the away allocation; I’ve not missed an away match for over 15 years and each time we’ve gone to Villa we’ve always taken a huge number – so you either sit at home and watch it on TV or you go to the match with your eyes closed.

    One final point – at no time did I ever single any of you out and insult you, so less of the retard stuff – or is that the only means by which you can give any form of intelligent discussion (which this is of course, but then you need to get a sense of humour – nothing that I said has not been said before on the terraces).

    Get a life Villa, stop being so miserable and join in the banter FFS!

  • TruePompeyBlue the reason you bring a big away following to Villa Park is because you are visiting a big club!!!

  • Underachieving doesn’t suddenly make you a small club. In that case Newcastle and Man City are both small clubs and Cheslea is the biggest club in England!

  • I personally consider any established top flight team a big club, Pompey sellout every match, fair dos Fratton is past its sell by date and only holds just over 20,000, but in the days of terracing I’ve stood in crowds of 36,000 in the old 3rd division against Brighton on a boxing day, the fan base is there and only when times are tough do you find out how big the nucleus is, Pompey and Villa finished well clear from the drop zone, but in terms of teams fancied to challenge for Europe next year, I would put us in the same bracket

  • I can understand people thinking were not a big club, because we’ve been crap in the last 25 YEARS. But the fact is we are a big club, were not known as the sleeping giant for nothing!

  • By the way, the record attendance for the third tear league is 48,000 at Villa Park. This was when Birmingham was in the league above playing for promotion to the top flight. Hows that for nucleus when times are tough?

  • The dissapointing rumour this morning is that Liverpool are in for him as well. This is bad for both us and Pompey and I just hope that when the big guns call, players jump. This is I think will be MON’s frustration this year. Too many clubs with money and then having to settle for setle for second or third best. UTV

  • Valid point Gazvilla. The competition for the signatures of the few quality players available this summer will be fierce. This is when we have to really sell the club to possible targets, and fortunately as a club we are now in a position to offer an attractive package, which should allow us to compete on a relatively equal footing with teams that would have left us for dead pre RL/MON.

  • Lysimachus – I said rumour you moron. This is a rumours page!!!! And both the comments of glensider and I are still valid if you read between the lines.

  • For such a big club the Vital Pompey site is almost comatosed!! Maybe it reflects their average attendance this season – about 19,000. Bet Matty can’t wait to play in front of twice that many every week. Would be a great buy, leaving Barry for the middle. Is he going to play ahead of Riise and Gonzalez etc at Liverpool?

  • Gazvilla – You said the rumour concerning Liverpool was ‘disappointing’. This shows you have a sense of belief for it because it made you feel something.

  • This rumour is eminating from sources other than the mirror. What is pathetic about discussing a rumour on a rumour page? Even if it’s just the Mirror what it breeds is a sense of optimism or pessimism, because sometimes even the mirror gets it right. The main point of the post was that for the most of us the Eto’s are beyond us and we have to do with Coker, Bellemy or Taylor. With so many other competitors we can all do without the top 4 going for this type of player.

  • I didn’t say discussing a rumour on a rumour page was pathetic; I said that taking a note of what the Sunday Mirror has to say is pathetic. If you consider yourself clever when it comes to rumour you would be expected not to listen to tabloids. The other ‘sources’ telling us that this Taylor rumour is true are either tabloids or website that copy every story that emerges from newsnow, none of them state any quotes or concrete evidence for a move for Taylor and none of them are really major figures in the media.

  • I entered a golf tournament last year on the South Coast. First prize was 2 tickets to see Portsmouth. Second prize was 4 tickets to see Portsmouth.

  • Sure thing Gazvilla, one thing though, note that all these stories surfaced before the weekend, where no-one in non-season football is gonna be doing any press conferencing, work or whatnot and any denials or confirmations will be denied, furthering the belief in the speculation and ultimately meaning more money all round to the authors.

  • Strange that golf tournament must be twinned with a black country one I entered, first prize west brom tickets, second Brum, and third Villa!

  • Well your headline says it all, “Move to a big club”, otherwise just stay where you are! that i’m afraid would leave Villa out of the equation. If you are to believe the papers there are a number of much bigger clubs that are trying to sign him.I hope that he’ll be staying with us because he’s one of the reasons we had such a great season.

  • Gazvilla and everyone else – Looks like I was right again. Redknapp denied the rumours of Taylor leaving on Sky Sports, plus quotes. Check the website and always doubt a story where the factors I listed above persist. 1. Lack of quotes, 2. Lack of real evidence, 3. Lack of identified sources, 4. Timing to allow increased speculation (most stories published before weekend where almost no-one in non-season football take press conferences). See you next season.

  • if Taylor goes to you lot now, expect a tap up enquiry, if no-one has made contact at fratton it would be an illegal approach!

  • Gazvilla – There’s yet another denial made by Potsmouth on the Sky Sports website. Just to finish it off.

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