Date: 12th October 2015 at 1:31pm
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Well, no, let’s be serious here he hasn’t. But you’d not quite guess that. Although maybe he’s interested in a new casa and it’s been lost in translation?

Let me walk you through it.

With the media now being in full swing that Tim Sherwood had nothing at all – it’s all ‘moneyball’ folks – to do with our summer signings following the numerous departures we saw (point your own fingers at Randy, Paddy Riley, Hendrick Almstadt, Tom Fox or Doris the Tealady) the Daily Mail caption a single photo saying David Moyes ‘may be keen’ on the job and then repeat that in a single line saying ‘Sportsmail understands David Moyes may be tempted to cut short his spell at Real Sociedad for any vacancy at Villa Park.’

Those are the only mentions of Moyes in their entire article which is basically a regurgitation of Sherwood has two games to save himself following our losses so far this season.

Of course Brendan Rodgers gets a mention, and in their zest to blame anybody but Tim – who was thrilled with our signings only a few short weeks ago, delighted with his summer’s work he was – most even manage to spell Riley’s name wrong.

But I can hardly takl abuto tpyos – it’s easily done and I do it frequently and probably invented a few spellings of my own for the chap.

‘Tim Sherwood was not responsibly for all of Aston Villa’s signings last summer…’

I’m just quoting it so it’s immortalised on Vital Villa forever for when I want to look back and giggle at spin, BS and bluster.

It reminds me of us trying to sign Romelu Lukaku the year after we signed Christian Benteke but not having the money that season – and why, because we were interested in him the previous year and spent the money on Benteke instead preferring him and various other players we’d like to forget for differing reasons.

But hey, if you can go from never being in a relegation battle again to surviving relegation is the only aim this year in the space of less than ten games I suppose anything’s possible.

Apparently Sherwood only had final say over Micah Richards, Mark Bunn, Idrissa Gana, Rudy Gestede and Joleon Lescott and everyone else was Riley’s recommendation.

Which is weird when you consider what Sherwood said with his own mouth about the others – he’d been following Adama Traore for years hadn’t he and he personally went to Barcelona to ensure he got his man. Wasn’t similar said about Tiago Ilori and this is just off the top of my head.

Anyway, rambling.

This very report with it’s oh so exuberant mention of Moyes is now becoming quoted as gospel that Moyes is on his way to us, he wants the job, he’s ready to categorically leave his current employers…

And yes there’s not a single solitary quote from the man.

Not even the vague ‘oh I’m flattered but it’s just speculation’ deal.

The truth for this claim is the Daily Mail report, which as said, says no such thing.

I ‘may be’ interested in the Villa job but it doesn’t mean I ‘would leave’ anything should it be offered.

Then again with our managerial appointments, I’ve got a good chance of getting on the short list you’d think.

Anyway folks it’s a slow news day so beware of the headlines and claims – the internet is not big or clever, so calm down Clive 🙂

With that said, I understand (it must be true and I confidently expect somebody to reference this report as authority for the claim) that Sir Alex Ferguson ‘may be’ willing to come in as our next gaffer.

Having sent Randy so many letters of recommendation for others over the years, he’s decided to have a try himself.

How long before Rodgers and Moyes top the bookies lists as the net goes into frenzy based on zip?

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