Date: 26th June 2009 at 10:06am
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Mystery seems to be surrounding the injury situation of Villa left-back Wilfred Bouma. Only yesterday the official site had an interview with Nicky Shorey saying he hopes Freddy returns soon, I have to be honest I was surprised to see those comments ( Shorey Confident Of Bouma Recovery ) because they fly in the face of the rumours circulating elsewhere!

I said in the Bouma forum thread on the 5 June this year: Sadly there is growing talk that Bouma is about to have to call it a day and retire. Hope it isn’t true but the whispers are getting louder and louder. Fingers crossed it turns out false.

And now The Mirror have a similar rumour saying the 31-year-old is having to consider his options and might be forced to retire as the injury problems caused by that awful dislocation in our Inter Two Bob Cup game at Villa Park last year.

Must admit I was right in line with where the injury happened and it was just awful, I thought at the time that was that and you could see the pain he was in and the reaction of the other players who were simply horrified. Wilf did try a comeback in the reserves late in the season but that led to more problems and if memory serves me right, some keyhole surgery to clear up some floating fragments of bone. Probably not the most accurate medical description I’ll readily admit.

Good luck Wilf, whatever you decide, you’ll forever have the appreciation of the Villa faithful.

I’ll try to see if we can get some sort of clarification from the club.


8 Replies to “Mystery Surrounds Wilfred Bouma’s Prospects”

  • lets hope he can get back to fitness, seems a massive ask after such an awful injury but fingers crossed.

  • I really cant see him coming back for us. It is such a shame – reminds me of Luc Nilis. A player who was just starting to show he was going to be pivotol in our push onwards and upwards. Just another reason why we need to spend spend spend. Honestly – we dont seem to get many players out injured for a week or two. Its feast or famine with us!!

  • Unfortunatley it’s looking more likely this story won’t have a happy ending. Even if Wilf can play again, will he be the same player? From what I’ve heard he’s made great efforts to come back from this, so it’s a shame things might not work out.
    This needs to be resolved though and sorted through the transfer market. I like Shorey, but really we need another experienced, quality LB if Wilf is to go.
    The loss of Laursen and now possilbly Wilf will be major setbacks to MON’s rebuilding, so let’s hope MON can get his targets.

  • How unlucky are we lately with players retireing through injury early Delaney Laursen and possibley Bouma

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