Date: 1st September 2018 at 6:04pm
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Sheffield United
4 – 1
Aston Villa

Bramall Lane


1/09/2018 3:00 pm

Attendance: 26030

Referee: Linington

Sheffield United Aston Villa
O'Connell (6), Duffy (23), Norwood (41), Sharp (49) El Ghazi (61)
Henderson Nyland
Tuanzebe 63
Egan Chester
O'Connell Jedinak
Freeman Hutton 77
Norwood Elmohamady
Fleck 63 Whelan
Stevens McGinn 76
Duffy 72 El Ghazi
McGoldrick Grealish
Sharp 81 Kodjia


Lundstram 63 Taylor 77
Woodburn Lansbury
Coutts Hourihane 63
Stearman Bree
Lafferty 72 Bjarnason
Moore Moreira
Washington 81 Hepburn-Murphy 76

Game Statistics

9 Goal attempts 9
6 On Target 2
9 Corners 1
18 Fouls 12
1 Yellow Cards 1
0 Red Cards 0
40 % 60

With the Steve Bruce debate continuing to split the fan base, the early season excitement had been tempered by our latest draws in the Championship but EFL Cup exit to Burton Albion didn’t help things. Today’s heavy defeat to Sheffield United was the last thing we needed.

Heading to Bramall Lane for the game, we were 3-0 down before the halftime whistle was even blown and after a pathetic first half performance, Bruce opted against making a statement and introducing some substitutes. That backfired as Billy Sharp added a fourth four minutes after the restart.

Having just seen the goals, meh – it was simple for them and the defending was shocking.

The only bright point was summer signing Anwar El Ghazi opening up his goalscoring account after his assist in the previous game but it was the quintessential consolation strike on the day.

With the Blades hitting the woodwork and having two goals ruled out by the offside flag, the day could’ve been a lot worse for us, and we are now without a win in five matches.

Let’s see how we panic and approach the free agent market!


22 Replies to “Nah Villa Didn’t Need To Strengthen Defence Did We”

  • We can still sign a free agent then so where JT when we need him. Manages the team on the pitch. Unites the dressing room and even a strong candidate to be the next gaffer. GET HIM BACK NOW

  • Now we have been thrashed ( all over the pitch ) by the first strong opposition we have played this season, perhaps it is time to face reality :
    Tuanzebe is not a RB
    Jedinak is not a CB
    Hutton is not a LB
    El Mohamady is not a winger
    Kodjia is not a target man
    Bruce is not a ( good ) manager
    Calderwood is not a ( good ) coach
    Correct these very basic mistakes and we could perhaps do something this season, but action is required now.

  • And if we needed further proof of SB’s inability we had it today. Absolutely NO changes in players nor in tactics despite being 4 goals down and totally outplayed. SB never has a plan B ( I would even doubt a plan A ! ) which is unacceptable.

  • Right…as I’ve said before I don’t like calling for gaffers heads. But Bruce has to go, his dire football that fans spending a lot of money pay to watch, constantly playing players out of position. We need a young free thinking young manager with ideas that keep up with the modern game. With the squad we currently have we should be passing and moving the ???? our of teams. I’ll never understand these dinosaur style managers who play literally half a team out of position and shackle all the creative players they have ffs

  • Shame on you all you BRUCE lovers. Today and last week at Burton he has shown how tactically inept he is and the after match comments show how completely arrogant he is. Yet some fans still think he’s the man for the job. Hold your head in shame.

  • How can he get rid of elphick and bring no one in and have no left back. The only person playing in his natural position is Chester and he is being made too look stupid cuz of Jedinak and the rest. Conceding way to many goals. The bloke is a CLOWN so please get rid of the CLUELESS DINOSAUR No shape,no idea, we are no better from when he took over so what has he achieved. NOTHING. Football has changed but that plank hasn’t. GET RID NOW.

  • I can live with a defeat, ( having experienced a lot over a long time ) but my problem is that I am now 100% convinced that, unfortunately, SB does not have the ability and skills to manage Aston Villa. The only question is if our new owners and CEO will give him any more time. Yes, with Bolasie & Abraham he may get a few wins but the fact is that as soon as he comes up against a real coach and a decent team, he is outplayed. Not our players, who are probably the best squad ( apart from CB & LB ) we have had for sometime, but SB himself. He is just so predictable and negative it’s easy for the opposition. If he stays on for much longer, players like Grealish, Mc Ginn, Chester and Kodjia will deteriorate.

  • Totally tonked.

    There was no indication Brice had any idea how to stem the flow and turn things around. He is so reliant on individuals baling him out

  • So four players were unfit to train but they were fit to play! What does that say about the players that trained but sat on the bench? The unfit players must have thought surely I’m gonna be hauled off and the players on the bench must have thought nah stay on this is a fucking mess…

  • Bloody phone – I hadn’t finished my message.

    Bruce……….bailing him out.

    I am sure the big Geordie will be given some time, but just how long, if his side keep misfiring?

    On balance, I think Bruce’s recruitment strategy, squad management, team selection, technical prowess and after match alibis are all pants. Other than that, I must be fair and give him credit for superficially accepting the flak, if only then to then pan the players.

    I am not sure he will be getting Christmas cards off Tommy and Albert any time soon. Fiddling new names and favourites in, he has muddled up the team balance and I suspect some resentment will surface. To be honest, Elphick’s goal non-celebration the other week told a story in itself.

    I am sure Dean Smith could have done a job, you know….

  • Even if he wins the next 5 games for the future of our club he has to go. Football is all about power n pace,pass and move,tactics,organisation,having a shape to the side and a plan b and Bruce has not got any of that. If there’s a partnership that needs to gel it has to be the 2 CB’s. FFS If anybody should know that it’s him (pallister/Bruce) but oh no he plays beardy there who hasn’t got a clue about positional sense. And still no LB. This is his 3rd season now and we are still no better off so he has FAILED. Get him out b4 it’s too late AGAIN. Negative clueless football. It is so boring that I’m staying away till he is sacked. Can’t stomach it anymore. WE WILL NOT GO UP WITH HIM IN CHARGE. FACT. CLUELESS DINOSAUR.

  • Quite simply … Are we making progress under Bruce ? …. can anyone say YES in anyway . Nice guy from what you hear but we need to say ‘Thanks’ and move on , sooner the better

  • Absolutely piss poor all over the pitch. I’ve tried to back Bruce but it seems the pressure is getting to him now and he knows he is on borrowed time. The defence is all over the place – surely Bruce & Calderwood having spent their playing careers at CB can see Jedi isnt going to work out in that role. Its time to admit the experiment didn’t work and put someone else in there. I’m not going to get into all the childish name calling, as he did turn this club around when it looked like we could be sucked down into League 1. Something just doesn’t look right this season – without JT on the pitch we seem to lack the right mentality. I did say to give him 10 games but to admit you’ve played 4 or 5 players who aren’t fit doesn’t wash with me, we have one of the biggest squads in this division.

  • Bruce is a stop gap. New CEO needs time to align villa in the right direction. New manager is guaranteed. Will be a big manager coming in. Bruce is a good option for next couple of months at least. Let’s not rush our new direction.

  • Agreed Ali it will be a big name but I am fairly sure that this has already been discussed with Christian Purslow prior to him accepting the CEO job. Had an idea that it could well be Benitez but that means waiting until he leaves Newcastle towards the end of the season when his current ( 5M/year ? ) contract expires. If it is to be done now, Claudio Ranieri is available and in London today..

  • I was at the Sheffield Utd match yesterday for a special occasion. My twin brother passed away a couple of weeks ago aged just 49! A very good friend of his and a die hard Blades fan arranged for a dedication to be broadcast over the tanoy, on the big screen and in the programme even though my brother was a Villa fan. Myself and two mates managed to get tickets for the match, it was the least we could do to recognise what my brother’s friend had arranged. We had a great day before hand meeting up with some Sheffield United fans but then it all went sour and I’m not talking about the performance on the pitch! What disgusted me was the performance of the Villa fans. Right from the off they were on the players back. OK, we went a goal down after 6 minutes but instead of trying to get behind the team they just berated them, no wonder the team went onto concede more with that monkey on their back. But just to add insult to injury and really spoil my day I watched on as two so called Villa fans proceeded to kick the shit out of one another and some innocent young fan got caught between them. Shame on you! I certainly won’t be going to any more away games if that’s what to expect!

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