Date: 5th March 2009 at 1:52am
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According to O’Neill Villa will hold their nerve as we draw to the end of the season.

Speaking on the official site after the, let’s be honest, pathetic performance and result against millionnaire missing Manchester City tonight, O’Neill was sure we won’t lose our nerve.

In fact we will hold nerve, it may only be anger but does O’Neill confuse holding our penis with holding our nerve…..because the performance tonight certainly leads to calling the players ‘penis holders’.

It would in fact take more talent and effort to hold a nerve. I manage to hold my penis every time I visit the toilet for a number 1. On tonight’s performance our players would need to redecorate the bathroom.

Anyway, I disgress and I’m insistent, with all the effort, determination, and heart I can muster to remain positive.

So cough….speaking on the official site our UEFA throwing, Premiership prioritising manager explained that we were willing to hold our nerve.

Am I the only one who thinks after the last week, only now should we be willing to hold a nerve? Maybe a week ago and a bit would’ve been a good time to cup the well paid hands round the crown nerves?

Sorry – I’m doing it again.

O’Neill without actually saying this, and I dare say neither will the players are bloody thankful we still lead struggle to score in a brothel Arsenal by 3 points.

If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be holding our nerve we’d be ****ed.

‘The lads are still excited and want to press on now.’

Only press on now? Have we suffered premature nerve ejaculation during the last week and a bit? Are they that excited that we blow Europe, bugger a game against Stoke and become completely outclassed by Man City.

Mark Hughes was right to question our staying power wasn’t he. Most players would rebel against such an accusation, we lived up to it.

Let’s clean ourselves off, and try again eh.

‘We have a really difficult run-in but we are now down to a 10-game season.

‘We are taking the boys away for a few days so they can rest up and recharge the batteries. We will come back and then try to stick with it.’

I thought they had a rest against Moscow. Are the batteries substandard? Do we throw a UEFA Cup trophy to reward losers with a sunny trip abroad?

Christ I wish I could’ve conned myself into top flight football as a youngster.

Unless of course Dubai gives managers virtual reality training on tactical substitutions or the general premise of playing players in their NATURAL POSITIONS.

‘I accept we are a bit na├»ve and the big four sides have a little bit more knowhow but that shouldn’t stop us from relishing the challenge ahead.’

Relish on a burger all you want, I enjoy the taste. But a bit naive. Right back at left back, centre/right midfield at right back. Centre midfield at centre back before going centre forward.

Christ alive.

I like you O’Neill but a bit naive. We are talking disinterested manager coaching 6 year olds when he only wants to play the kids of the family he gets on with given our formations.

At that level it’s acceptable to have 4 people on the right wing, and everyone else just ball following.

You’ve done so well so far….what next, Brad Guzan at left striker just cause he can kick a ball hard in a straight line?

‘It can’t be nerves affecting us because we have never been in this position before.’

LMFAO. Sorry – I’m calm. Breath. Little bit of wee came out then.

So in the criminal mastermind that is Martin O’Neill players can only be nervous in positions they’ve been in before?

Being in a completely knew, unknowing, and unexpected position doesn’t give rise to nervousness.

Sorry didn’t Cannon coin the phrase ‘flight or fight?’

To me we’ve fought all season, we now find ourselves in 4th place and we ARE panicking because WE’VE NEVER BEEN HERE BEFORE WITH THIS SET OF PLAYERS so they are now in flight.

Bottle, panick, nerves, second guessing, trying too hard.

How many examples do you need Martin.

‘It can’t be nerves affecting us because we have never been in this position before.’

I’ve never been in the position of having 14 nymphomaniacs wanting to mount me before but I’ll guarantee I’d be bloody nervous if I was.

What a pathetic comment. And I say that as an O’Neill fan.

‘I genuinely think the players are excited by the challenge ahead.”

Sherlock and shit.

‘I would think that our second half performance proves we didn’t play with any nerves. We didn’t play well enough in that first half and we didn’t get into our stride.’

No but in the first we did. And nerves doesn’t come into it, what about tactics, team selection???

‘But it was all us after the break and I always thought we were going to get that equalising goal.

‘I thought we were capable of doing that. But we didn’t get it – and that game is gone now.’

Going to get the equiliser until what, they scored after being bored that we couldn’t get a shot on target? Until they got bored that our strikers couldn’t have struck during the 1970’s and everyone walked out with the Unions?

What, come on.

‘But the players are really looking forward to the run-in and why not? We will really have a go now.’

Really have a go now.

A go now.

We have no go unless the mistakes we make match in match out are addressed.

We have no go unless you start using our bench. Playing people in natural positions or using our squad.

Don’t bitch at me about tired players if you play the same players week in week out despite their form, despite their impact and refuse to make changes, let alone play players in natural positions for Christ sake.

I expect people to vilify me for this. Bring it on. I don’t care.

Moscow told me more about O’Neill than I ever believed. And no, the draw to Stoke and the loss tonight has not proved me right or wrong.

We were fed the ‘rest line’, how many of our first team would love to lift the UEFA. How many of our first team would’ve loved to progress in domestic Cups in previous years and lift a medal.

I love O’Neill, I’ve explained that on the boards and I don’t think we could attract a better manager or that another manager could get as much out of our players as he has managed.

But that doesn’t mean being so arrogant that you stick to tactics that worked at Leicester and Celtic and assumed they will work in the modern day Premiership.

That doesn’t mean you can throw a UEFA Cup or domestic Cup campaign because you think £20+ grand a week players can’t not go on the piss to recover.

It doesn’t mean you rest players, even when they publicly say they want to play in a competition that pleases your lifeblood.

For all O’Neill has done right this season, and since he joined. The last week Martin….you have disappointed.

Not with the results. I’m sure they hurt you as much as they hurt us.

But with your priority, with your pressure on the first team, with your disdain for the desires of the fans.

As soon as you took the CSKA decision, you could not lose any of the remaining 4 matches at least. You certainly could not draw a match we were in control of.

You misjudged the team, and you misjudged us. The fans. Even those who agreed with you on Moscow cannot abide the last two results.

You made the rod, and it is now firmly up you back. You rested our stars – how bad would results have been had they been fakely tired?

I’ll support this club through thick and thin. Sadly I’m disgusted with a manager I adore and not because of results. I’m disgusted because a man who wishes to be the next Brian Clough has forgotten the one true thing.

FANS are everything, success you can touch is everything and Trophies should never be given up on. You don’t build a campaign that may cause a broke, money tight fan to part with cash at any stage, to then throw in the towel.

That is what we did

Is the truth O’Neill wants to keep Barry whatever the cost?

The answer, is Barry more important than the fans?

If we don’t get Champions League football this year and we lose Barry because he wants more. Look forward to being a sub on Liverpool’s bench. That’s the truth.

We love Barry because he has a brain, last summer our anger centred not on the fact he wanted to improve himself, but the manner his agent conducted the affair.

That will be no different this summer.

Make your own minds up, if we prioritise based on not what the fans want, not on what we could win….but a top 4 place just to keep one player….shouldn’t we as fans be holding our own nerves?


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  • I agree too. This issue with somewhat dated tactics has to be resolved and resolved quickly. Gabby is well below par and The Hare is desperate to get on. We have a bench of players that want to get on a prove the 1st choice bunch wrong. And as for playing players out of position……….keh?

  • as my uncle used to say “hands off your ****s, and on with your socks”. A strange analogy maybe, but the league is far from finished yet.

  • You are so right Mr Fear, but that fat lady you talk of is standing far to close to that bloomin’ microphone for my liking!

  • Would we all be moaning if we were 6th in the prem and not in any cups? I think we’ve all got a bit carried away with our league position. I think MON is surprised to be where we are. We don’t have the squad or players to be competing with the big 4 yet. Lets get off MON’s back and support him & the team. UTV

  • we all seem to agree, but is anyone in a position to change things listening? Or even considering what we are all saying? I think I will “prioritise” my time else where for a while! UTV!

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