Date: 10th July 2009 at 2:31pm
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It’s the first Monny interview of the new season on the official website, and he’s aiming to put us all at ease.

Speaking for the first time this new season (obviously discounting the statements about players were weren’t bidding for) Martin O’Neill has taken the opportunity to let us know that he has a burning design to add strength, quality and depth to our ‘small squad’ (copyright overused soundbyte).

He assures us that:

‘I am hoping we will be able to add to the squad over the next couple of weeks.’

And being mindful of the losses of Gareth Barry and Martin Laursen, he informs us that:

‘There are obvious and immediate replacements that we are looking to bring in.’

Which is nice and that’s about it, other than saying:

‘We are all looking forward to the season.’

A sentiment some fans don’t seem to share if you judge the feeling on the message board.

I’m not sure if this is a new interview actually, sounds exactly the same as what was said at the end of last season, in January, last summer minus the Barry and Laursen comments obviously.

But I think I understand it, he’s simply lulling the Top 4 into a false sense of security and 5 minutes before our first competative match of the season we’ll be unveiling World Class stars and taking the Premiership by storm.


12 Replies to “Never Fear Monny’s Here”

  • People bitch when they don`t think he is trying to sign players,when he tells us he is they write little articles like this,The man can`t win.

  • can we have huntelaar,sneijder,drenthe and robben too !! the good thing about madrid and city buying everyone is that quality players are surplus to requirements.perhaps ancellotti will clear a few out of chelsea and spurs will deffo let some good players go.ssn report that stuttgart have agreed fee 4 huntelaar but player still to decide on his future 17.5 mill i think it said.bellamy is a horrible git but he never gives up i feel he would give gabby a kick up the arse ! lets hope he leaves his golf clubs behind though !!

  • I feel there is a bit of panic setting in amongst us fans and we need to calm down a little. the transfer window has been quiet all round except for a couple of clubs. Arsenal have only signed 1 player, Spurs haven’t signed anyone, Liverpoo have signed 1 and Everton haven’t signed anyone of note. I appreciate on numbers we should be more active than other teams, but the point is not a lot of movement has happened yet and often these things suddenly kick off and there is a flurry of transfers in quick succession for all teams, we just need to be patient and wait for this flurry to happen.

  • does anyone else reckon we have also bid for naughton but have asked for it to be kept quiet as we like to do our business that way or am i clutching at straws?

  • Michael Johnson of Man City would be a genius signing. One of the prem’s brightest prospects last year, and this year kind of faded behind the big money signings and Ireland. This would be a cheeky signing, and go some way to replacing Barry i think. I can’t see any of the Madrid players thinking Villa is the place to salvage their careers. London/Manchester/Spain is where they’ll be dispersed.

  • Mart does things in his own sweet way, and in his own time. He’s not going to change the habits of his managerial lifetime now, so although the vast majority of us find this lack of incoming transfer activity extremely frustrating, there’s very little we can do right now, except grin and bear it. I’m disappointed that we missed out on Sturridge, I’ll be sorry if we lose out on Naughton, but surely we are now close to completing three or four deals, after all we’ve had since the end of May to do the groundwork? Mart knows more than most, that failure to seriously strengthen the squad, will result in our club being at a serious disadvantage compared to our rivals for a top five/six finish, when we kick off in anger in mid-August. He has everything under control…….I hope!

  • That’s a very good question scoops. Wasn’t he (Carruthers wasn’t it) supposedly putting pen to paper on July 1st? I’ve certainly not read or heard any confirmation that would update the status. Mind you, considering the lack of feedback that the club supplied last season regarding the recovery (or otherwise) from serious injury of young Adam McGurk, I’m not in the least bit surprised that once again our information department has been seriously found wanting.

  • Id question whether the article has the right Diarra? Madrid also own Mamadhou Diarra who was going great guns until a year long injury which caused them to bring in Lass (as he is known at madrid to avoid confusion) and he has been extremely popular since his arrival. M diarra was one of the players on Perez’s rumoured clear out list. I cant see Lass coming, he is desperate to play regularly for France and he’s going to be a great foil to Kaka and Ronaldo and so on. The other one is a very good player anyway and would certainly take either, but hope it doesnt mean NRC leaving, i’ve got a lot of man love for him.

  • mike_field he says he is hoping to sign players because believe it or not he can`t just ask and a player comes running because aston villa are so great,It takes time and there are a lot of variables.

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