Date: 5th February 2010 at 12:26pm
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Martin O’Neill has praised ‘versatile’ right back Luke Young again for competently filling in at left back.

Speaking on the Official Site today O’Neill has taken the opportunity to ‘big up’ Luke Young again for filling in at left back during Warnock’s period of injury.

It’s likely that Young will continue there on Saturday against his former club Spurs, simply because there’s no way Warnock will be back in time – in fact there are doubts over him being able to appear in the Carling Cup Final – and Freddy is nowhere near being thrown back in the first team yet. O’Neill isn’t overly concerned though, saying that the position is no longer ‘alien’ to the player and adding:

‘I think he has done very well. I think sometimes the concentration levels are even higher when he is playing in a position that wouldn’t be his normal one.’

So overall he’s pleased with his ‘versatile’ right back and has no concerns over him continuing there. For myself I’m still not sure.

There’s no doubt that given the quality of player that Luke is, he has obviously done a good job when required, both last season and this but it still leaves us vulnerable in defence.

The few times he gets caught wrong footed, let alone the fact it means Cuellar ends up on the right just shouldn’t be glossed over because Lukey has done a good job given the circumstances.

For whatever reason Shorey’s face didn’t fit, and unfortunately there has to remain doubts about Bouma given the time out and it’s clear for the left side O’Neill doesn’t have faith, or doesn’t believe our reservists are ready yet so you have to question why he didn’t move for a player he preferred as backup in January.

Obviously playing Luke on the left allows him the freedom to not have to drop Cuellar, Dunne, Collins but all we know it’s not ideal, we all know we look weaker and whilst we’ve rode our luck in many ways, our back up plan if Warnock is injured can’t be to jiggle the defence around whereby favourites stay on the pitch and we are left vulnerable.

If we are serious about challenging then ‘rotation’ can’t simply mean moving everyone to different positions.

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