Date: 26th July 2006 at 2:03pm
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Reports are now suggesting that Michael Neville HAS put in a bid for Aston Villa plc.

Details are sketchy but it looks like the much (and long) talked about approach from Michael Neville, who failed in a proposed move last year with the Comer brothers, has finally materialised.

Looks like there is now a two horse race as to who will take power from Doug Ellis.

Interesting and exciting times.


34 Replies to “Neville BID IN”

  • Is anyone else hoping that Lerner is successful? He’ll blatently have more money, which is surely the priority and he’s got a hands-off approach.
    Did Neville actually bid before or didn’t it get that far?

  • I’m just happy that the action is actually starting to kick off…may the best man win…as long as they appoint O’Neill and spend millions on new players of course 😉

  • How will we cope with having to be optimistic for a season? 🙂

    Lets see the US bid now pleeeease

  • I think any take over is great, but personally I would like Lerner. I live in the States (Grew up watching Villa) but Lerner has massive amounts of cash and as said run a very large sports franchise and will invest. This is not a man who wants to come s

  • Either is better than Ellis. Just think at the close of the season we were faced with O’deary, Ellis and no new players. We should have a new manager and new owners which for me is dream come true. We can let ourselves be spoilt at the thought of an abram

  • Also it now looks like it isn’t just a two horse race, how bizarre is that? You wait over 20 years for a bid and then 3 come along?

  • I would prefer Randy Lerner as well. For the simple fact we know who he is and what he has to offer. Until we know who is involved in the Neville consortium that fact won’t change for me.

  • Dont forget DD has to accept them and sell yet!! He may have a change of heart and see out just one more season !!!

  • How long does it usually take for a bid to be accepted and the actual takeover to be completed?

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