Date: 21st February 2006 at 7:21pm
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Could the resolution of the long and drawn out takeover saga for Aston Villa be nearing an end?

Rumours on the Villa boards are suggesting that’Solihul born, life long Villa fan’ (well, that is the title the papers all give the gentleman!) Michael Neville will be a guest on the Radio WM show at 07.00 in the morning.

Now it could be a pure coincidence, but that is also the time that announcements are made by the Stock Exchange.

Hopefully, one way or the other, the takeover attempt by Aston Villa Investment Limited (AVIL) fronted by Michael Neville and backed by the Comer brothers will be concluded. Even more hopefully, the rumours are at least true that he is going to be a guest on the show and explain exactly what is happening.

At present I can see no details on their own website.


8 Replies to “Neville On Radio WM Tomorrow?”

  • Is he complaining about his £5,000 fine for kissing the badge….Oh sorry wrong Neville, wrong lifelong fan… wrong club… forgive my scepticism.

  • The share price actually dipped slightly again today, so this is either the best kept secret ever, or nothing is happening. Well nothing to get the city boys excited anyway.

  • lies ! its all lies ! he’s going to tell us how much Herbert loves Villa and that an agreement couldn’t be reached over whether he could have a statue of him rectified outside the Holte

  • Apparently nothing new was said, only stuff about the delay not being of Villa’s doing, so I can only assume the funds aren’t there.

  • I guess we’ll all wake up one bright and sunny morning to be greeted with the news that the takeover is completed, the old man has departed the building, and that we stand on the dawning of a brand new era for the club. Until then, I’m afraid its got so l

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