Date: 1st August 2006 at 11:53am
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This story changed as I was typing it. Hard work this is!!!

Just been told that the front page of the Birmingham Mail are claiming that former Leicester and Celtic manager Martin O’Neill will be installed as Villa manager within the next 24 hours.

O’Neill has topped the polls for all the sites etc that I’ve seen, he certainly seems to be a popular choice. Thing is though, does this signal the end of the Ellis era as well, as it was believed that O’Neill would love to come to Villa, but only with new backers?

Has Ellis been given the chance to make one final managerial appointment and leave a legacy?

You have to ask what of the groups looking, most seem interested in O’Neill, but the AV06 group headed by Nicholas Padfield QC warned yesterday if O’Neill or anyone else was appointed, they would end their interest. Athole Still’s group is also apparently looking at four top candidates, so what would it do to their interest?

Never a dull moment at Villa, lets just hope as Martin O’Neill is unveiled (still always wait to see things like this with my own eyes, not via papers!) that Ellis will announce he is off!


Looks like the report could be wide of the mark (sigh of relief).

A club spokesman said today (Tues 01/08)

‘No, we are not making any appointment today. The search is ongoing. Contrary to rumours, there is no appointment planned at this juncture.’
O’Neill’s anticipated return to football with Villa is against a backdrop of four consortia bidding to buy the club.

Three of them – fronted by Michael Neville, Randy Lerner and Athole Still – would welcome O’Neill into the Villa hotseat, with only the group headed by Nicholas Padfield QC having different plans.

Ellis is keen for funds to be made available to O’Neill and is looking for the new owners to make £20million available for new players on top of the £64million it will cost to buy Villa.

Villa have not signed a single player since flirting with relegation from the Barclays Premiership for the majority of last season.


46 Replies to “New Manager NOT Due In”

  • All these rumours and counter-rumours are absurd and somehow typical of the sly, disingenious and bone-headed Villa board. Can you imagine a professional well run club like Arsenal going through this charade? Can you imagine the level of anger if O’Neill

  • Hold everything, the above article didn’t mention the strange light above Villa park prior to this none anouncement. O’Neill was seen being carried away by strange stick men from a fly object … THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE

  • true im getting fed up of all this now….reading the fans boards only makes it worse, if it happens it happens

  • The Mail say O’Neill will be appointed in the next 24 hours. The club deny that a new manager will be appointed “today”. 2 and 2 together = O’Neill to be unveiled tommorow morning?

  • My prediction (the truth is out there) Ellis wont sign O’neil, Ellis wont be able to secure the takeover due to his demands and general senial demensia. Therefore we will be left with Aitken, no new players and a seat of your pants season trying to avoid

  • Shame, I was thinking of cracking open the Champagne later!! Oh well… it’s probably going to be a vintage bottle by the time Ellis stands down and a decent manager is appointed!!

  • Let’s stay positive, O’Neill will be appointed, Ellis will step down, we will have new owners, we will have money invested in the club and we will be to compete………stay positive!! (Mutley73)

  • Steve64k – some of us have a bit of work to do sometimes!!! It says in the report above that Villa have not signed a single player since last season… havnt you signed some Swiss twins or something?? Or do they not count as they’re Swiss….

  • I’m at work but I have no work to do…and its dark outside… Swis twins… they are the survivors..How little is lil? ….. THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE

  • You will find that the team will play as if possessed this season …could it be that some strange transformation occured in the summer/winter depending on what hemisphere you in. South is best…T…….IS OUT THERE

  • I’m sick of this – all these unnamed sources – a big headline on the Mail front page and about 3 pages inside. If howell has got this wrong, he can resign too. All this is ripping the club to pieces. Endless speculation, sources and bull*****..

  • It’s completely typical of Villa tho. Look at the Berson transfer. We always draw everything out 2 months longer than needed.

  • Yes agree, its just another typical Villa Park farce. It will only highlight to the new man, whoever he may prove to be, that under the current regime he really will be joining a total circus.

  • This club better be sold, I am getting a feeling that after all this hope we will end up with Hoddle and Ellis by mid season.

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