Date: 2nd July 2007 at 9:45am
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The official Aston Villa website has posted up a very small sneak preview of just what the new Nike home kit will look like. The preview comes on the back of hundreds of requests from supporters to pre-order the shirt, despite the fact that the full kit hasn`t been shown to the masses!

Head of Merchandising John Greenfield told the official website: ‘I’ve never known interest like this. We’ve had hundreds of requests to pre-order the kits – even though nobody has yet seen them.”

Also included with the preview image, Gareth Barry wearing the new strip of claret body, blue sleeves and a great addition in the form of the lion on the back of the collar, are the words “We Start Today.” Villa fans are already beginning to wonder what that means; surely it isn`t just a sign that the shirt is ready?

We can`t show you the shirt on here, but I know somewhere where you can find it and to be honest, so should you!


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  • OPEN YOUR EYES: “The official Aston Villa website has posted up a very small sneak preview of just what the new Nike home kit will look like. “

  • hmmm, anyone think theres only a sneak preview because it still hasnt been through its final design phase?!

  • danvilla2 what a terrible thing to suggest. I have a pal, who knows a bloke with a dog. When he takes the dog for a walk he occasionally bumps into a man who knows the top guy at Nike. Well not actually the top guy, but the brothers uncle of his best friends cousins sister. And she says that this is not true. So there you have it.

  • Or maybe, just MAYBE…they have all the plans in place for the new kit…but have been swamped for pre-order requests and have decided to open the pre-order sales. They then had an after thought that perhaps a very sneaky sneak preview would encourage even MORE people to pre-order early. MAYBE!?

  • yeah i know you can see the back of the shirt on th OS but i thought someone might have a whole picture of the kit

  • at least it doesn’t look like the old Arsenal shirt with the colours changed that was going around,that was an eyesore.

  • Thank god nike are involved!
    First time I have seen advertising for Villa that actually looks the part.

  • ‘we start today’ …. hmm interesting. Could it mean it all starts with the new kit, player unveiling maybe? (Strokey beard moment while while looking into the distance). One can but hope.

  • It looks as though they have the claret correct, yay no pink shirts hehe. I’m loving the look of the advertising like someone else has said it looks very very good. ‘we start today’ that makes me very very excited, especially as we are about to sign our first player today as well, I hope there is more then one as the media just dont have a clue and it would really shock them if we uneiled SWP at the same time or something

  • i was hoping for some sort of new design all together. im bored of claret and blue, how bout green and yellow like the old man utd away kit? huh! nike?! polka dot? ye listenin nike!?

  • ‘We start today’ probably means that we will start the hear news about transfers from today? The window opened yesterday the sneak preview was available first thing this morning. The wait has been long fellow fans, its time to hold onto our hats and complementary scarfs

  • I took the “we start today” as a continuation of the “proud history, bright future”–the future starts today–we’re going full-force from here on out.

    And I LOVE the ad–fantastic.

  • These guys know how to use the world of marketing to create interest. They’re truly professionals, experts in their field. The club really has moved into the 21st century.

  • i just had a thought, is martin o’neills contract now up?? it was only a one year rolling and cant remember him signing another

  • I think the point of a 1 year rolling contract is that he is always has 1 year left on his contract.

  • At the moment I’m in Real dilema about the new kit. After the god awful quality of the Hummel although it didn’t look to bad I was hopeful that the new Nike shirt would be a winner.
    Let’s hope it’s a sucess and I’m sure it will

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