Date: 2nd June 2009 at 12:34pm
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The official club website have announced that Aston Villa captain Gareth Barry is in talks with Manchester City.

The official site have announced that Aston Villa captain Gareth Barry is in talks with Manchester City.

In a simple, one-line statement on, it states:

‘Aston Villa can confirm today that Gareth Barry is in talks with Manchester City.’

Ambitions of the Champions League seem to have fallen by the way side for now as our captain travels to Eastlands to discuss terms with a club not even competing in Europe next season.

More as we get it.


58 Replies to “NEWSFLASH: Barry in Man City Talks”

  • Looks like Man City are going to break several banks this summer and going to do a Chelski!!! At least this will be done at the very start so we won’t be umming and ahhing as to whether we need to replace him. And we should get well over the 10 mil that the Scousers will offer. Maybe Sturridge, and or Richards in part exchange!!!!

  • I’m hearing a deal in region of £12m has been done already,. In fact done last night and it’s personal terms that he’s agreeing in these “talks”… what a complete tool…. thrown his career straight out the window – but it does show man citeh’s intent….

  • Such a shame, he really has been a rock for the Villa and hes simply caved for the prospect of more money.

  • I don’t want Sturridge. Richards maybe. But I’d rather have their centre half Dunne.

  • what a f***in wa**er. Nothing but a greedy b***ard, crying out for champions league football andpoisedto join someone not even playing in europe. Good ridents i say who wants a liar at the club, I say we usethe money to go and sign defour. I have already heard that we have a deal in place to sign sturridge, which is seperate to the barry deal.

  • feck! Thought he wanted CL football? Still, it is a job and if they pay him silly money he is made for life. You would wouldn’t you?

  • Am a bit surpised to say the least! Though I am glad it is over with nice and early and we now have plenty of time to replace him.

  • Considering Randy’s comments the other day about how he’d rather let Barry leave for free at the end of his contract rather than sell him now, you can’t help but think that Man Citeh must’ve offered some pretty serious wedge in order to get permission to talk to Barry. Maybe the paper talk about them claiming that they’d sign Tevez and Baz in a £42m deal had something about it after all….

  • Greedy *****er, if he had gone 2 a top 4 team he would have left being a legend, but now i have no respect 4 him. Cant believe it, come MON do us proud and find a better replacement. UP THE VILLA

  • randy said the other day that barry is integral to our success and would rather let the contract run down to strive for a higher place next season , and then we let him talk to city !

  • 1982benny – Oh i no we must have accepted a bid, but Villa would have spoken to Barry before accepting the offer, so obviously he wanted to talk to City he could have said no. I just hope we can get Defour much better player, plus is about 6 years younger.

  • Would you turn down the chance to be made for life? Citeh are major players now. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens with players coming in.

  • Mark Hughes is doing what MON should do and getting decent world class signings in early to show a statement of intent, which will then entice other decent players in. One of the reasons that GB wants to go is the p155ing about that MON does in these windows. We will get a replacement on the final day and have saved a poxy 500k in fees and lost our 3 first choice replacements in the process because another team hasn’t wasted time. MAKE OR BREAK NOW MON

  • We could be calling his bluff and see if Barry wants to really leave just for cash City or hold out for the Arse or Scoucers to offer us a better deal. If he does go I hope we have a good replacement as we’ve now lost two amazing players which made our spine….Expecting O’neil to work wonders now….

  • 2 comments:- 1) I hope to high heaven that this means MON has some signings lined up or we will be right up the proverbial creek if he’s planning on his usual last 48 hours job. 2)Kaka was in talks with them last season. I’ll add a 3rd point, more of a question really:-Does this speak for Barry’s lack of faith in MON/Villa to push on or does it, if he moves, just speak for his wish for a big pay day?

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