Date: 5th February 2009 at 11:26am
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Not very interesting news this really but the press are trying to whip up a storm between Aston Villa and Arsenal.

The problem arose when Arsenal were seemingly given an extension to the transfer window in order to bring in Russian striker Andrey Arshavin with the press yesterday suggesting that Martin O’Neill would use his press conference to attack the way the signing was made…. Basically he didn’t!

With both clubs competing for a space in the top four, some have said it was unfair they were able to sign the Ruski (is he that good? If so why has he spent so long in the Russian league instead of getting snapped up by one of the big European clubs? Time will tell, it is an open question, I have no clue at all… which you all sort of figured out years ago I’m sure! LOL) however MON didn’t make an issue of it but did say that our COO or CEO, not sure he is at all bothered by titles, although he does hold the power to make me take off my hat… Paul Faulkner will be at a Premier League meeting today where it will no doubt be brought up.

When asked he told the press, ‘I would have nothing to say at this minute because Paul Faulkner has told me there is a Premier League meeting on Thursday and I think some points are being raised – although not necessarily by us as Aston Villa. I think there is going to be clarification about the transfer window extension. Absolutely. Am I concerned by it? Listen, I’m not.’

So there you go, a storm in a Russian tea cup. As for Arsene Wenger I’m quite quite sure he didn’t see it!


19 Replies to “No Complaints From MON Over Arsenal Striker”

  • Media trying to start up a frenzy over nothing. On the other hand they should really scrap this transfer window.

  • O’Neil’s had a great opportunity to make Arsene look like a mug after we threw away the game at VP this season, didn’t think for one second he’d rise to this, and he hasn’t.

  • I couldn’t believe the amount of rags going with this story with a complete lack of evidence. One journalist resorting to the use of ….. get this …. capital letters to try and convince us of the legitimacy of his article. Glad O’Neil didnt get sucked in.

  • Good to see that Gooners are a discerning bunch, Rocky7. Gutter journalism but what else would you expect from the UK’s finest.

  • By creating a storm out of nothing, the press have not only put Arsenal on the spot but Villa/MON too, so it’s unfair to everyone involved, not just us. Glad that you guys/MON don’t fall for that. (Who would, reading the complete tosh, except some of our friendly neighbours?)

  • Oh right, thought he was a striker GoonerLou, I stand (or in this case sit) corrected! The press obviously have less to talk about now the transfer window is closed, to be fair to them, they have to sell papers and headlines do that for them!

  • Arshavin will do nothing in the prem until next season.Good player seems like a nice bloke but he`s nothing to make us quake in our boots.

  • I never thought O’Neill would rise to this, but this is how the press operate on all levels, not just football. Whip up a storm and try to dictate the news agenda. As for why Arshavin hasn’t been signed before, you could have said that about Henry, Pires, Petit, Sagna, Eduardo, Toure, van Persie………..

  • Is it just me or is it coincidence for team called ARSEnal, managed by ARSEne Wenger to be signing a player called ARSEshavin. Might as well call him the bum barber so as to prevent all the arse shaving jokes.

  • Certainly is voiceoftheholte, nice to look at on the way to work. It’s a wonder I don’t get run over some days.

  • glad we didnt rise to this. so what they may or may not of signed a player a few hours late, i think it would be showing more fear than anything else if we did complain. although i can think of a couple of managers that probably would complain… happy arry and FSW cough cough, wink wink. just another example of the class organization we are…. UTV

  • Would of thought that Bentitez and Big Gene Hackman would be more worried about this than us. As the underdogs we have nothing to lose. Bit off subject but such a shame to see the Scousers ONLY decent player get an injury AND them having to play extra time (along with saturday’s opponents Blackburn.) Torres is crap if playing against a decent defence. Hope the gooners overtake them anyway.

  • Proud of MON not stooping to Arsene “neverstop_winging_and_making_excuses” Wengers lever! He just does his talking on the field, to quote a commone cliché!

  • fair do’s on petit and toure but henry was signed from had already been signed from monaco for juve. when pires left metz he could have moved to most clubs in europe but decided to stay in france with marseille and then went to arsenal so he was hardly an unknown. eduardo was again hardly an unknown after breaking all kinds of scoring records and was only in his early 20’s. van persie was a kid. think the point was arshavin is in his late 20’s so its strange for someone to blossom that late. isnt it true that arsenal have to have each one of their scouts watch a player at least twice and then something like 30 times overall before signing them so they must be sure on him?

  • Villan444 got to agree about Arsenal overtaking Liverpool. Would love it, just love it if LFC finished 5th. 😉

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