Date: 2nd April 2006 at 2:18pm
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Yesterday at the Arsenal game put me in a dilemma. Most called for the heads of the worst manager the club has ever seen since Billy McNeil, Mr O’Leary. Some called for the head of Mr Ellis (the man who is still living in 1960). My head was exploding as I believe both have to go. So I sang for both to go.

The board is the biggest problem at the club. Until a new board come in with new investment and a new and pro-active plan to sell and promote the club, Aston Villa will always be a nearly club. Although the end is now in sight and hopefully in the summer this will happen. David O’Leary has said – there is stuff going on behind the scenes/something big is going to happen in the summer – which does sound promising.

However, I think O’Leary thinks when this new investment comes he should be the manager who benefits from it. This should never happen. For Villa to be successful again it needs a complete overhaul and both BOARD and MANAGER have to go.

First of all, David O’Leary only received the job because Mr Ellis did not want to pay compensation to another club for a new manager. O’Leary was cheap and easily available. Ellis said the club would look for the best man for the job, taking time to appoint the right man. He chose the cheapest man after less than a month. He was never the right man for the job.

A new board have to come in, relieve O’Leary of the manager position and take time to choose the right man for the club that can lead us into a new era.

Secondly, O’Leary’s statistics show that he is failing the club. The premiership stats are: Played 108. Won 35. Drew 33. Lost 40. For 127. Against 142. He has failed.

Thirdly, he has played players out of position (for example Bouma is a international centre back who played in a PSV team that made the Champions League semi final last year) and has left other players out in the cold, many of which have went on and proved their worth elsewhere (Crouch and Berson for example). I believe that we have a team that is made for a wing back formation but O’Leary is to set in his ways to try it. If the players are behind him, like they and he says, then the formation must be a problem but does he change it? No.

Fourthly, I do believe David has lost the dressing room. Why else could we have performances that are just a form of capitulation? I don’t believe that his style of putting down players in public help the players and I certainly don’t think that putting down the club and its supporters work.

O’Leary is one of the worst managers in the Premiership and has to go. Hopefully with a changing board in the summer too, this summer will be the re-birth of Aston Villa Football Club.

By Matthew Lingard


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  • You have got it spot on! I totally agree wth your comments on DO’L. He only budges from his beloved 4-4-2 when he goes 4-5-1 two or three times a year. The comment on Bouma out of position is correct. It is difficult to think of any players who have impro

  • Just look at players like Samuel as well, they were developing nicely, now they appear devoid of confidence and on their way out.

  • Lee Hendrie, Gareth Barry and Gavin McCann – all capped by England pre-O’Leary (I accept Barrys omisson may be to do with Sven but still….) Juan Pablo had one good season. Vassell went downhill as has Mellberg (and thats due to having no consistent part

  • Spot on. The more this drags on the more I hate DOL. The important thing is that Ellis goes first. Without getting Herbert out it would be a waste of time to replace DOL. Hopefully the new owners will be more interested in the football than the property.

  • Absolutely agree 100% that Ellis has to be ‘outa here’ first (and take his yes-men boardroom colleagues with him), otherwise a change of manager is simply a pointless exercise. No current decent, qualified manager is going to up and quit his present posit

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