Date: 1st January 2007 at 11:42am
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No doom and gloom at Villa. That is the message from Martin O’Neill who says our slide in the league isn’t a big surprise to him.

‘Our slide isn’t a surprise to me at all. This isn’t things coming home to roost – I was delighted with the number of points we got on the board. Never for one moment did I think for one moment we were good enough to be in the top four or five teams. We’ve got a lot of work to do. I knew at some stage this type of situation would develop. It has arrived but it’s far from doom and gloom and we’re at a particular juncture where we want to do something about it.’

‘This league’s all about winning enough games to make life a bit less difficult. We’ve got plenty of confidence in the side, but I’m always concerned. You deserve what you get in this league. After 38 matches this season, wherever we finish, we will deserve. We might get a bit of luck next week – we might have to wait three weeks for it – but I’m not crying about it. However we have gathered our points, we need some more.’

Adding on the official site ‘We’ve been playing well but in recent weeks, that’s been the story of our games. We have to go and put it right and we’re determined to do so. It’s all very well playing nice football, but we have to win games and that’s what we have to try to do.’

As a few have said on our message boards and article comments, this was always going to be a long job, it could take Martin O’Neill two seasons or so before Villa are really doing the business and the squad is depleted no matter what anyone says! Yes, we’ve used more players than any other this season, but what does that prove? Certainly doesn’t show the lack of strength in depth and doesn’t show the lack of quality, some of our players are honest lads (copyright David O’Leary) but they are either far from the finished product or far from any team who have real pretensions of winning anything! So despite the fact we all panic when we lose a few, lets keep the faith!!!!!!


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  • well said fear. negativity only breeds more of the same, and you only need look at how differently MON handles things. there is a knack with words and timing that the ghost of o’dreary can only dream about. power on villa!

  • In recent years we have never had so much potential or ambition to succeed.If 12 months ago we would have been told, that we would be owned by a sport orientated billionare, have MON as our manager and millions to invest in the squad.Then have the VP Hotel, VP and Bodymoor heath all getting substantial investment, we would have biiten someones hands off.The right foundation needs to be built for long standing success and this season is where it starts.It will take time, but the young lads will learn lessons, we will continue to grow stronger with additions and we will continue to move forward.Top ten and if needs be the intertoto with the young lads doing the first few rounds and season number 2 could be a cracker with those magical thursday nights with VP Rockin.That’ll do me for starters!

  • There has to be a bit of gloom with recent results but DOOM? Not a chance, things are on the up, even if we dont get 20 players in the transfer window things are much better.

  • I’d have thought, having read and listened to most of O’Neill’s blurbs that he’s good enough at making his own excuses, the last thing he needs is supposition excuses from fans, learned as they may be.
    Fact is he’s taken over a side, supposedly improved it, supposedly added his man management skill, his tactical accumen, and taken a struggling, demotivated squad, full of players about to leave, under the worst manager ever according to some, and done what exactly ?
    I’m sure given time and plenty of Lerner’s money he’ll sort it, but then wouldn’t ost managers?
    So far for me at least, he’s done nothing to prove to me he’s the walking genius so many still believe, he’s just a decent manager who looks a little out of date tactically and a little naive in the modern day Premiership.
    Unlike O’leary and all his other recent predecessors he fortunately doesn’t have Ellis’ penury attitude to cope with. Even here his expenditure on Petrov is only beaten in the poor buy stakes by Ballack and especially Shevchenko, so maybe we shouldn’t be holding our breaths.
    I’m confident he will sort it his reputation suggests so and he’s no fool and not as I have said limited by Ellis strategies.
    The Messiah, the best manager in hte Premiership, the greatest man motivator and tactician is now a man who fans make excuses for.
    He doesn’t need them, he won’t want them, he won’t be thankful for them. He’s his own man with his own targets, and he’ll either be confident he can achieve them or like Grham Taylor, he’ll walk when he realises he can’t

  • We have just started on the long, long road to recovery. We all knew it wasn’t going to happen overnight. In MON we trust!!

  • I think a top half finish this season would be a massive improvement, a couple of experienced players this month and i believe this is more than achievable.

  • good post avfc48, don’t think he is above criticism and think he has (like any new manager would have) much to prove. The honeymoon period didn’t bring the amount of wins we might hope for but as per my comments in the main article, I want to be positive, I don’t want manager merry go rounds and I do think MON is a canny bloke, if he isn’t up to speed in the Prem, I think he will soon get there. I would hope he will ‘grow’ into the Villa role and can attract the star players, although he was good at Leicester attracting little known players and making them good, we aren’t Leicester, we can attract (and now afford again) stars and that is what we will need to truly trouble the top. I don’t think MON is the messiah yet, but hope he proves to be in seasons to come. At the moment it is all change for everything at Villa and only time will tell how things work out. A few quick and impressive signings would certainly settle the nerves!

  • To be fair I don’t think MO’N feels himself he is the messiah. The fans were so disillusioned by O’Leary and last season was so poor that the reaction of the fans to greet O’Neill was totally understandable. He was the man that I wanted as Villa manager and i’m sure 95% of Villa fans all feel the same. There will be times when no matter how good managers are they simply will not succeed Walter Smith at Everton is a good example, but despite the fact the team is going through a bad spell and not many points on the board etc, I feel MO’N conducts himself in a way that is honest to the fans, he doesn’t hide behine the truth and despite the losses we have got (albeit with inconsistency) a new found grittyness to our play. In the 3 seasons under O’Leary we were turned over by teams like West Ham, Bolton, Spurs and Everton. So far this year the only teams that we have been truly outclassed by are Chelsea, Liverpool and Man Utd, a real contrast I feel in a short space of time. At Leicester Marton O’Neill was hated during his first games when he was unable to do anything and the team had a poor run, but given time, look what he acheived with them. O’Leary was also given time 3 seasons to be precise, and the only way that we went under him was from 6th to 16th and it was ultimately for this that the fans judged him.

  • I can honestly say that I’m not worried or concerned about the recent blip, nor with our mini-slide down towards the middle region of the premiership. This was never going to be a quick-fix for MON, and lets not forget that he went to great pains a couple of months or so back to remind us that we were punching well above our weight, and that it should come as no surprise to anyone when the results started to go against us. The club has been in decline for ten seasons at least, and the rot has well and truly set in. Great strides have already been made to halt the decline, and the future looks a lot brighter now than it ever did back in the early days of summer 2006. The only disappointment I have experienced this campaign, has been because of the pathetically poor attendances we’ve been pulling in at Villa Park. That of course is another story.

  • I dunno what it is with Villa but it seems that we can change chairman, manager and playing staff over and over again, but the style of play and negativity on the pitch remains the same.

  • Because we are lacking quality Deano, until we get some real quality, especially in midfield, we will play that way because we aren’t good enough to play any other way

  • Perhaps the same style of play is due to the youth coaches? We keep churning our decent youngters from the academy but they have no imagination in the final third and have had ‘our’ style of play drilled into them

  • If only that was the case. Villa have probably the best youth team coach and manager in Sid Cowans and Tony McAndrews who have produced 6 first team players for Villa this year. Where would we be without them? Luckily for Villa they both demand that the academy play attacking free flowing football, something that DOL never achieved. Sid refused to play DOL’s stlye and to that extent DOL wouldn’t even speak to him… luckily only one of them is still at the Villa.

  • I just hate to see players run out of ideas then punt to ball to our small strikers. Im trying to think of explanations as to why they would do that instead of picking the simple short pass??!!. Nowadays you need to pay 15m+ for a creative midfielder to play a perfectly weighted through ball. You then need 2 wingers at 10-15m each to cross decent balls in, then the 10-20m target man to get his head on it….i could go on all day with the improvements we need. 50m between now and next season would do it nicely though….Randy will help us, he’s a clever guy and knows exactly how much money is spent in the premiership on star players

  • it is a long and winding road….o’neil has given you a good start and a great opportunity exists for the future….have faith in him….

  • I have 100% faith in MON, but a look at the table shows that we could very easily be dragged into a relegation battle. We are only 3 points above 17th, and although our goal difference is better, we need to start winning games and get back to the right end of the table

  • Sounds good we’ll start tonight by giving those prem stragglers Chelski a right good going over, UTV

  • Get real Fear – If the teams below start to win a few then we will be in some strife – We are not picking any points up now and the way we are playing is pure crap. It’s not doom and gloom it is the sad result of too many years of stagnation. Lets be honest and say we’ll just be be glad to survive this season and then we can look to build and MON surely will.

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