Date: 13th February 2006 at 1:27pm
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Nobby Solano, formerly a fans favourite at Aston Villa has spoken of his disappointment at being booed whilst in the black and white of Newcastle in the weekends 2-1 loss.

He said: ‘It’s disappointing when the fans don’t understand your professional situation. I had the opportunity to come back to my old (club).’

Well Nobby, at one point you couldn’t wait to get out of the Toon, you said you would like to spend the rest of your career with Villa and then you packed up your locker, got your agent to drive you up to Newcastle and forced the hand of the club who had showed faith in you.

Underhanded runts don’t get a good reception at Villa Park. It isn’t the fact you left, it was the way you left. If you expect loyalty from fans, give some loyalty TO the fans.

He added: ‘But I’m all right.’

Oh bless you, thank goodness for that, you survived a few boos for you £30k a week wages did you? Well done.

‘I’m very happy because we got a good result. It was a fighting performance.’


10 Replies to “Nobby You Nob”

  • What a t**t did he really think we would cheer him or his much loved bar codes i for one was disgussted with the way he left Villa park im only upset that he didnt get more abuse. [Edited by FearVilla]

  • What did he expect a 5 minute standing ovation and a rousing rendition of” Only one Nobby Solano” from the Holte? When he left he basically said we were a big club but history and Newcastle where a big club with a even bigger future. So Nobby you made you

  • What a **** nob head is, villabug and skeggy summed it up perfectly, I cant believe he was expecting cheers from the the fans he cr****d all over. [Edited by FearVilla]

  • We dont understand personal situations? What was personal about his move back to geordie land. Perhaps it was nearer to his home peru?

  • Who cares about this loser anyway? Villa got the better end of the deal by getting our money back on him and having the talented James Milner on loan for a year while we search for a younger replacement. Good ridance!

  • He didnt celebrate which i didnt expect i did feel sorry for the little lad a bit anyway!

    But then i remembered what he said and didnt lets move on

  • Always two sides to every story and we do not really know how much spin Villa put on it, but I don’t care anyway and he deserved to be booed.

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