Date: 6th February 2007 at 4:48pm
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Oh God know, we don’t need a new Lee Hendrie do we??!!

Martin O’Neill has compared the trickery of new signing Shaun Maloney with that of a ‘young Lee Hendrie’. I must have missed that game! :o)

O’Neill said of the former Celtic player: ‘He hasn’t played much in recent weeks and he’s not the tallest in the world, but he’ll be fine. Obviously because he’s so small, he has to have good control, and I think he’s got that. I think he’s got a bit of trickery and he’ll be an interesting signing.’

‘You know the way Lee Hendrie used to play here, coming in off the left hand side? He’s like a young Hendrie. He’s that type of player, but it will be interesting to see what other people think in a couple of weeks’ time.’

Lets hope Maloney is so so so much more than the wasted potential of Lee Hendrie? Lil Lee in spasms showed what a good player he was then he’d just disappear for a month or so. He never built on his England career and rarely built on his Villa one. He’ll always remain one of the ‘what ifs’ in my mind because IF he had produced what he could produce consistently, he’d have been a Villa great. But he didn’t and he isn’t!

As for Maloney, the signs are good. Reading the comments on the Vital Celtic site, not to mention a few on our message board, it looks like we’ve signed a cracker.

As Hoops fan pictishjohn said on our message board: ‘You got a great deal there!!!! Fast, creative attacking player who loves to run at defenders, scores and creates goals and is a TEAM player. As a Hoops fan, it is sad to see the wee man go but fair play to him – hopefully he will quickly make his mark at Villa and help pull Petrov back up to the true player he is.’

Another told Beefy: ‘Along with Larsson, Maloney was the best Celtic player I’ve seen since Dalglish and I’d even say the best Scottish player since Dalglish. It’s a shame that O’Neill left as he bought out the best in him and knew what made him perform. A class, class act’

Sounds good to me!


26 Replies to “Not The New Lee Hendrie!”

  • MON loves the word “think,” doesn’t he…! And whoever made the comment that MON brought out the best in Maloney must be having a joke with you – it wasn’t until MON left that Shaun got his chance and he had his one good, injury-free (nearly) season last year under Strachan. Should be interesting to see how he does, I think, I think, I think…

  • Maloney the best scottish footballer since Daglish? Please stop this
    nonsense, Maloney is a great wee player no doubt about that but he could hardly get a game and was nowhere near the first 11 for Celtic. He was good last season but has done ***** all this season…

  • Its not a difficult decision when a manager of MON class is after you, especially if your manager is a ginger gonk!

  • For now, I’d just like to see him play. we can’t make a proper judgement until we see him playing stronger opposition than anything we’ve seen in his highlights so far. When do we think he will play? Come on a s sub or to start? McCann has a bad foot – how about dropping Petrov back and playing Maloney in an attacking Midfield role? Just a rest for Gav.

  • Surely he should start – given the other teams know little about him, there will be an element of surprise to starting with him. Personally, I think he plays better from the start as he needs a few touches to build up his confidene. Though I’d recommend giving him a good bit of freedom, drifting in from either wing so you’ll need someone who can cover his movement well.

  • Hey Sean84, don’t ***** on our parade, would be great for us to have a real ‘next big thing’ as opposed to those that come and go quicker than something that comes and goes really quickly!!!

  • Could bring Barry into the centre then, and put Shaun out wide? We could then tout Barry for a Central Midfield role with England, and McClaren can ignore him for that as well.

  • Surely you would have to paint him orange before comparing him to Hendrie??!! Then get him to sh&g OPH’s daughter!! allegedly!!

  • Fear – Paddy Ashdown fits your description if you remember the tabloid tales before the 1992 General Election 😉

  • Let.s hope he’ll play for the Reserves against Fulham tomorrow. K.O. 7.00 pm at VP. Free admission for STH’s.

  • Sean84 you know Barry Ferguson is the best player in Scotland now, he’s pure class. Can’t believe we’ve robbed the Ginger Gonk of he’s two best players!

  • MON has not to date made a wong move in the transfer market, Sutton although not everyones favourite played his part before cracking his egg, the signings of Young and Carew have been inspiring in the last two games, Bardsley looks the deal and although he is only a loan player who knows what will happen at the end of the season when he has the choice of playing first team football at Villa or returning to the stiffs at Manyoo, maybe he will want to make his move permanant. Maloney may be the bargain of the transfer window.

  • To be completely honest what has happened is that a squad player with one club has become a squad player with another club. And you really should be thankful Bobo Balde broke his leg…

  • Villa look superb going forward, if mon thinks Maloney will add to that then fine, unfortunate comparison to Lee Hendrie but no point getting wound up about it. UTV. Thanks for you comments Foreverhoop

  • tarzan – your one stupid little ****! Barry Fergusson is crap even the huns wouldn’t mind if he left a month ago after the bust up with Polly Gwen. The best player in the SPL is without a doubt Nakamura followed by JVoH. Petrov sure was a good player but MON punted up £8 m and thats not to bad. Maloney is a money grabbing little dwarf but he’ll soon find out that even though the EPL is better then the SPL, it doesn’t mean that Villa is better then Celtic, and they really aren’t either…

  • Welcome aboard Shaun Maloney. You’ve certainly upset our ‘visiting experts’ from north of the border by leaving the sub-standard Scottish Premier to chance your arm in the considerably higher standard of THE Premier League. You’ll do o.k. Shaun my boy, as long as you can rise above being compared to lil Lee.

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