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“Not The Same Player” “Bring Him Home” – These Villa Fans Continue To Be Split On This Return


Former Aston Villa favourite Christian Benteke has pretty much been linked with a possible return to the club almost every transfer window since he departed for Liverpool, given how the move didn’t go that well for him, and with goalscoring continuing to be an issue, his name is back on the rumour mill as it’s believed Crystal Palace are now ready to cash back in on him.

The 29-year-old made the switch from Anfield to Selhurst Park back in the summer of 2016 for £27million and he’s only returned 21 goals since then – in fact, he’s only scored three times this year and they came for Belgium in games against San Marino and Cyprus.

The Telegraph recently reported on his potential availability, but Palace wouldn’t entertain a loan at this stage.

Although it’s obvious as to why we’d be linked again given our striker issue and his successful spell at Villa Park previously, again they say you should never go back, but there are those who feel it would reinvigorate him once again.

In Our Situation Would You Change Your Mind On Tekkers?

Yup I'd Have Him Back

Nope That Door Is Closed

Nope That Door Is Closed

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