Date: 6th July 2007 at 10:04am
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Having often complained about the money spent on Petrov and Young, can I congratulate you on obtaining super value for money for one of your trademark players.

He may not do it, but everything is there for him to prove a snip at the price paid.

Why, some will ask, I’ve seen those not too keen.Simply he’s the genuine Martin O’Neill article, and he’s a proven talent. He’s used to battling in the Premiership against the best. He’s idolised and disliked by fans, the same ones in some instances, not because of his off the field antics, his lack of proprietary but because he didn’t start as well last season as the one before. He probably upset his new manager too, who still had to play him to ensure relegation was avoided, probably because he tells it as it is, and Curbishley wouldn’t like that.

Now he is looking for a new start,and with mates like Gabby,Young and Cahill egging him on, the chance to join the Vila revolution was just Manna from Heaven.

What a dream ticket, good wage, decent club on the up, no competition for your position, plenty of young kids to boss around, no prima donnas and a Manager desperate to get you.

A manager you like, everyone likes, and one backed by Randy Lerner’s dream to win Europe within the terms of your contract. Worth a punt at 22 for anyone, especially someone with a questionable attitude.

So Villa get a driving, tackling, natural leader, who won’t drop his head. Anyone who really watched him during the U21 games recently will see he never stops cajoling and encouraging his team mates, he’s a wonderful communicator, confident and in many eyes the best English player in the tournament, simply because of his consistency.

Its not always the sort of thing fans see, they prefer startling runs, wonder goals, spectacular passes, those of a consistent work rate, those who are always in the right place at the right time, who play the easy ball, who are always prompting others, often get missed, ask Gareth Barry.

I like him he’s a rock on which success can be built, a foundation on which others will thrive, but he will not have joined Villa to be an also ran. Petrov has supposedly complained he’s not been happy that the promises made when he was joining weren’t met, its now down to O’Neill to start adding to the squad and quick.

He has his battler, he has bought his target man, he has his own flair player, now he needs to bolster his defence and find that experienced striker and ideally a talented playmaker, a Berger from 5 years ago. In addition he needs to lose this last minute brinkmanship. The new spec’s might be a sign he’s not only changing his image, he’s exploring new ideas, here’s hoping.

A super transfer despite all the fun I had over how long it took. A super player, with more to offer than many fans yet realise, well done Martin, lets do it again and quick.


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  • Oh and the ‘talented playmaker, a Berger from 5 years ago’ – has to be SWP!!! £15m is not too much for the guy in todays market!!

  • awesome article. with a quality striker and creative midfielder and a new goalkeeper, the core of the team will be built. then we can add two right backs and one left back! up the villa

  • I think we’ll see a new solid right back (bowswinga from porto), a new centre back of quality, backup left back, a proven goal scorer (which may be up for debate if it’s bellend) and a creative force to give petrov a breather… as much as MON seems to believe in Petrov, i don’t think this coming season he’ll rest on his laurels to rely on him after last season’s disappointing displays.

  • NRC didnt really do himself justice last night in the conference. Personally i dont care, as long as he tackles hard, chips in with a few goals and spurs the team on i couldnt give 2 s.h.i.t.s. Wear the proper claret and blue with pride!

  • Well thought out, and very well composed 48. You have admirably summed the signing of a very good footballer, who while he has his best years ahead of him, already has immense experience packed into his locker. You highlight the immense potential, leadership, and qualities that NRC brings to Villa Park. A quality signing indeed, and another brick added to the fortress that MON seeks to build here at Villa Park.

  • I hope reo realises Barry is the captain. SWP? I’d rather Sneijder signed – more options in midfield. Perhaps, SWP is a more realistic target.15m – abit much for a player who only had a so so season tho. Interesting article.

  • Myleftfoot – i feel we could get both of them SWP and Sneijder, i personally would prefer SWP as sneijder would proberly take a year to settle and would probly be another petrov :(.
    But if we could sign Sneijder and Babel (unlikely) i feel that they would settle much quicker
    Great aticle Avfc48

  • Spurs to step up signing of SWP. Bellemy to Wham. Dudek to Man City so Jussi may not come to us. mmmmmmmmm

  • Same old Spurs, buy loads of players and cross their fingers. No real game plan they just try and copy the top 4. Jol will be out this season if he doesnt win anything.

  • Talk of SWP, while an exciting topic to dream and talk about, is I suspect a mere fantasy. Why haven’t we yet made an approach for him?

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