Date: 12th October 2009 at 10:00am
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Well, this morning is a dark dark day in the history of Aston Villa. I’m typing this article trying to hold back the tears, in fact, that is a lie, I’ve been weeping since reading the quotes from our much lauded and top striker Emile Heskey.

Sorry to bring you such devastating news but our Holte End hero might consider his future in January and could ….. sorry, I had to take a break as I couldn’t see what I was typing through such moistened eyes…. look to leave.

PLEASE DON’T GO EMILE. What would we do without the big man’s goals?

The 31-year-old who has started as many England games as he has Villa games this season said:

‘I will have to sit down and think about my next move. I don’t know whether I can get a World Cup place if I’m not playing for Villa.’

He adds, ‘I’m happy to be playing for England and, obviously, not playing at club level is difficult. It’s something I will have to look at when I get back and try to address it.’

I’m old fashioned, or maybe just old. Strikers used to have to score goals, no scrub that, strikers at least need to SHOOT the blinking ball goal wise (between the goal posts Emile) and if you don’t do your job for your club, you don’t get to play at international level and lets face it, Emile has not does his job since coming to Villa. At the start of this season he admitted he hadn’t settled in last season following his move from Wigan. For goodness sake, how difficult can it be, it isn’t as if he was a foreign player still learning the language and culture.

2 goals in 12 games Emile, THAT is why you aren’t in the team. Start scoring, hey presto, you don’t get left out. Not rocket science is it? Close the door on the way out!

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