Date: 14th August 2006 at 1:51pm
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Okay, settle down now!

Whilst I absolutely applaud the arrival of Randy Lerner I think we should be cautious. Those who expect Chelsea-style spending are going to be very disappointed.

Lerner is not in the same financial league as Abramovich, in fact the Russian could lose Lerner’s entire fortune down the back of the sofa and not even notice. And unlike Abramovich Lerner is not a football, or rather soccer, fan, he is a businessman first and last.

But this is not a bad thing, I wouldn’t want to see Villa incur the hellish debt currently hanging over Chelsea which I believe one day will extinguish that club. Magic O’Neill might – just might – be given a ‘golden hello’ transfer kitty of XX million, I think Lerner understands we need immediate investment, but once things settle down I expect to see spending more along the lines of Spurs or Liverpool, a series of £3-6 million deals with the occasional biggie thrown in.

After years of parsimonious leadership, I will gladly settle for that.

Hey, Mr Barry, Mr Baros, still want to leave?

Article by Saurat


22 Replies to “Okay Villans, Settle Down!”

  • I’d have to argue with a few points made there. I don’t think it is time to settle down, I think it is time to be excited, something we’ve not had for a good while! Lets just enjoy the moment.

    I agree that the Lerner guys won’t do what Abramovic

  • At the end of the day we have new owners who will Invest Money in the club, Something Ellis never has done so of course we will all be excited. Things couldn’t have got any worse after last season.

  • I get your point but for the first time in a very long time we can actually dream about signing some decent players and showing some ambition. Exciting times eh?f

  • MON has nnever been a manager who need huge resources he has bought wisely, but it is great to know that he has the money if he needs it. It will be very interesting what will happen with Hendrie I think he is a great prima donna talent.

  • I don’t personally know of anyone who IS expecting Chelsea type spending. therefore, I don’t exactly see the point of this article. With all that is going on today I would have thought you could find another aspect of the takeover to discuss.

  • totally agree, the bluenoses at work are already saying were going to buy the league and initially, if we get the big £50m that is being hyped, it might look like we are, but after a couple of seasons when the spending has calmed down then the average wou

  • Settle down ? Settle down ? Eh ? Martin O’Neill’s going to sign an extended contract, DOUG’S OUTTA HERE and Villa are all over the media for the right reasons for once !! No way !! It’s midnight here and I’m into me 4th tin of Woodstock & Coke. Wish I was

  • We have waited a hell of a long time for this so I think we’re entitled to get a little excited. Hopefully players will actually want to play for us again and not choose lesser clubs like Boro or Portsmouth ahead of us! I dream of the day where once aga

  • And competing for Europe with the same teams ! Let’s be realistic, it’s going to take Mr O’Neill at least a couple of seasons before we’re there, but isn’t it nice to have all these positive vibes about our club for a change ? UP THE VILLA !

  • It wont happen over night but by god, today has been the day Villa supporters have been waiting for. An entire generation of Villa fans only know a Doug Ellis controlled Villa. The bells are ringing again for claret and blue

  • oh come on I cant believe your telling us to settle down for once there is a reason to be excited about Aston Villa and am really happy. I aint gonna settle down until september. Now is the time to celebrate and am gonna do so by having a little party ton

  • Settle down? SETTLE DOWN? Are you having a laugh? This is a momentus day in the history of Aston Villa and you want us to ……………….. settle down? It may not be this season (or next) but for the first time in years I feel a real anticipation of w

  • A momentous day indeed. So big a day that my wallet is coming out of my pocket. Do half a decent job MON and we will need that bigger stadium.
    The lion is out of the cage!

  • No, I’m not going to even contemplate the idea of settling down just yet Saurat. Why the hell should we? After years of decline and depression within Villa Park we are suddenly greeted with fresh hope and optimism. Now is certainly not the time to chill o

  • I’d rather avoid your rear end if you don’t mnd glensider :o) I have so many things I want to say and yet don’t know where to start so I think I’ll post in the forum on threads that catch my attention or I’ll not be able to organise all my thoughts peope

  • I guess the 2% currently saying (in the poll) that they don’t welcome the Lerner bid are the non-villa fans that have come to this sight to have a look at the latest news. Yes, it’s all the Noses :o)

  • For the first time in a long time I’m looking forward to going to a match. The last twelve months were the most depressing I can remember. So yes I’m going to enjoy myself this season instead of treating it like a chore. A massive cloud has been lifted an

  • Fellas, fellas, cut me some slack, ‘settle down now’ was the catch phrase of a comedian back in the ’70’s. Not my fault I’m talking to a bunch of fourteen year olds. Party like it’s 1999.

  • hey Saurat, great to see I’m not the only old git about then?!?! Think you made some valid points anyway and love the fact we are getting some different opinions and contributions, saves it just being my ramblings, as long as you don’t all mount a takeov

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