Date: 3rd March 2006 at 2:58pm
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Vital Villa asked, following so many comments on the forum and amongst fans generally, what your opinion of David O’Leary was.

The majority, with 28%, said that the Villa manager was a joke and should be sacked. A further 23% feel that he was never a Villa man and should leave and a further 3% said that he ruined Leeds and will ruin Villa.

22% labelled him an average manager.

24% have faith in the manager and voted for the option, great manager, wrong chairman.

I know this is only a poll and that a few results either way dramatically effect the percentages. Nevertheless, this is a damning incitement of the tenure of David O’Leary with 76% thinking he is anything from a joke to average.

Villa are currently 15th in the league with only 7 wins, (10 draws, 10 losses) to their name and a negative goal difference. In his defence the chairman has put the club into limbo and he has suffered from an awful run of defender injuries. However, we still have a good percentage of our team made up of international players, a fact that you would never think if you had watched some of the woeful performances this season.

I guess all fans can hope for is a clean slate in the summer including a new chairman and either a new manager or a budget that suits a cheque book manager such as O’Leary.


14 Replies to “O’Leary – A Joke Manager Apparently”

  • He might have done himself some favours if he had agreed to do more than just one fans forum? Can’t see any reason why he wouldn’t talk to the fans, if he didn’t like the Ellis questions that would be asked, he could just say no comment.

  • For the last 4 seasons I have said “Oh well, next season we will do something” – then the next season follows….. im a year older, a year wiser, any change? Na – Only change is for the worse…More Debt, less players, defensive problems, lower league per

  • It doesn’t matter who the manager is while Ellis is in charge nothing will change, it’s been going on for over 20 years, there’s only one man ruining our club and it’s Herbert himself. having these polls on what you think of this manager or that manager i

  • I’m one of the minority then, someone who still has belief and faith in DOL. I’m not pretending that he doesnt have faults, he certainly does, and I’m not in agreement with him all of the time, but I’d still love to see him working under an ambitious boar

  • I agree glensider he does whinge and whine but he has done well with what he has been given.

  • Hate to be pedantic, but your use of the word majority is incorrect JF 🙂

    I just find it sad that people voted him out because he was “never a Villa man”. Mourinho and O’Neill won’t be welcome then….

  • I would like to see him given the money, let’s face it if he could buy players like Laursen and Bouma without the baggage (which would cost more), get players like Paul Robinson when he wants them and Kev Phillips in the prime of his career, we would have

  • Surely anyone with enough money could do well – it’s how they use the money that matters and the question is “has O’Leary done the best with what he has been given?”

  • I often thought DOL would come home one day and manage the Gunners, he seemed to have the qualities when he was at Leeds, but he seems to get worse every season. However I do feel for you Villa lads because the distinct lack of funds boarders on ridiculou

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