Date: 29th April 2006 at 6:13pm
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We asked if David O’Leary should walk before Doug Ellis decides to give him the axe. The beleaguered boss has had little if any luck with injuries this season but has done himself little good with the constant excuses and by turning on the fans. He did have – by Villa standards – a decent pot last summer and yet we faced cup humiliations at the hands of Doncaster and Manchester City and the best finish we can now hope for is 16th (with a possible 17th depending on the Premiership finale next Sunday).

His reputation – if indeed he had one following the dressing room split at Leeds and ‘that’ book – is now in tatters, so we thought we would ask whether he should walk away and start again.

84% believe he should with just 16% saying no.

Our new poll asks if you would like Alan Curbishley as the new Villa boss. I know with Ellis remaining it is all fairly academic but at least Curbishley might be more capable of wheeling and dealing in the lower end of the market, O’Leary’s ventures into cheap and free signings have been a relative disaster.


8 Replies to “O’Leary Advised To Walk”

  • Wonder if he went walkies if he would do us all a favour and take Ellis too? A long walk off a short pier? If he walks I hope he blows the lid on Villa and spells out exactly what it is like working for Ellis.

  • agreed paultsmouth. seeing Blues go down doesn’t make up for this dire season in my eyes though, just glad it was them and not us.

  • You effectively sealed their fate with that 3-1 win. Had you had lost that game then you could well have found yourselves in the scrap of your lives…and you can’t rely on beating Sunderland, we only just got past them. As you said better them than you o

  • Ellis should swap places with The Sunderland Chairman….then he could be known as ELLIS IN SUNDERLAND…at the moment he’s in Slumberland.

  • Agree re: Sunderland, the pressure is off them, they might want a final hurrah for their fans and our lot have looked like they are already on their summer break for the last 2 months!

  • I don’t think he’l walk now. In fact, if you listen to him talk, then he’s up for another season. Will beinteresting to see what the fans feel about that.

  • Yes, he seems relatively confident that he’s staying. Ellis though may well bow to fans pressure and pull the rug from under his feet, and suddenly we’re back to square one. The cycle begins its course again, with Ellis still ruling the roost, doing his u

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