Date: 26th April 2006 at 10:38am
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I for one am starting to get pretty annoyed with David O’Leary’s comments and lies about Aston Villa.

Apparently yesterdays result should have been a draw, (what game was he watching?) we were the home team and were dominated again in front of an all time low crowd (guess who popped up with the winner again good all fresh start Darius), surely its time for Doug to say that’s enough?

DOL hasn’t even improved on Graham Taylor’s 2nd season in command, which was voted one the worst ever season by most villa fans.

Lets not forget its been HIS squad of about 15 new players costing 20 million this season. (Not many other mangers in the premiership have had that amount to spend). I remember just before the season starting DOL saying that he has managed to sign all the players on his magical list he gave to Doug and that he was
going all out for a European place this season. What the hell happened out there!? He later said that the aim of this season was to ensure the safety of the club. Errr excuse me Dave we’ve been safely in the top flight performing well for the past 15 years before you came along you pratt.

He is quoted on the official site this morning saying that the team needs to pick themselves up again.I wonder how many times we’ve heard that this season only for us to turn out the next game with an even worse performance?

He couldn’t even rally the troops together after the Birmingham game to beat Wigan, who only have 2 semi-retired international players in their line up. The morale should have been at an all time high after our best win of the season and yet again we were out-fought by amateur English players who show passion.

We have the Swedish captain, Baros the top scorer in Euro 2004, a Dutch central defender playing left back and the Danish keeper who at times was compared to next Peter Schmeiche that’s without mentioning Berson, Djemba, Barry, Davis, Berger, Delaney Philips who are all experienced players at the next level.

I fear a long 2006/2007 season if no takeover is completed by early summer. It has to be early summer as well as DOL needs to get a pre-season into his new players otherwise they are shite for the whole of the season Berson, Djemba and Bouma spring to mind again.

If no takeover happens we need a new manager with fresh ideas so we start the season well and get a few points on the board

We are slowly becoming a laughing stock….please someone come save our wonderful club.

By son_of_cher


5 Replies to “O’Leary – Comments and Lies”

  • my sentiments entirely.

    I can`t understand why the biggest club and only Premiership club in Birmingham, has no interested buyers.

    £60-£65 million is a fair price.

  • There is no doubt about it, the club is in an absolute mess, a total shambles from top to bottom. Agree with a lot of your comments, but lets face it, who could dispute or argue with them? That we couldnt go to Wigan just a couple of days after our season

  • We’ve been a laughing stock for years.
    Dol has had 3 years Ellis has been back 24 years.
    GT was getting this stick , him going didnt solve the problem and getting rid of DOL wont either.

  • The problem is that it appears to me that HDE is going nowhere and I cannot face another season of shambolic underachievement. The impetus a new manager should automatically bring would do for me because the current idiot, does not seem capable of getting

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