Date: 13th March 2006 at 5:31pm
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He’s at it again. David O’Leary moaning about the fans.

He told the Birmingham Mail:

‘I think there is an element at Villa Park, the players seem to be saying, that jump on their backs very quickly and they get a bit nervous.’

Nervous? These are top paid professional players, some are even internationals. There might be a few who heckle, but surely most of us fans are too asleep from the ‘exciting attacking’ football that O’Leary has the team playing? I don’t like the heckling of players in the claret and blue, but ffs, the fans of Aston Villa are a proud lot and get nothing but flack from O’Leary and his whinging ways. Blimey, then you wonder why the fans are leaving in their droves.

He also says he has tried to focus on the team not the takeover speculation. Well, congratulations, you are paid in the region of £1million to sort the team out:

‘It is important, the way the club has been- – and we don’t know what is happening around the place – to keep everybody in that close-knit unit. We have a great spirit within ourselves at the club. We’ve had to try and get away from it and not get involved and try and keep going.’

Adding, ‘It’s a fantastic football club that I am desperate to put right but we know what puts things right. What we can do in the meantime is make sure it is safe.’

Safe? I thought we were budgeted to be a top ten side Mr O’Leary? You are right about one thing though, this is a ‘fantastic’ club, it is also a proud one, so lets start to have some positive comments please.

Seriously, if you have a problem with the fans, maybe you should stop hiding and agree to do a fans forum? Tom Ross at BRMB has asked you enough times, we at the Shareholders Association invited you – and you became the first manager in the Associations history to turn them down. So what is up? Is it so bad to spare a night to talk to the fans?


6 Replies to “O’Leary Is At It Again”

  • Why rake this up again? Are these old quotes in a new Mail story? If not, then why? WHY WHY WHY? I agree players shouldn’t be heckled, but for goodness sake, the fans seem to be such an easy target at the moment and yet we are the mugs who pay hand over

  • I’ve always thought O’Leary as a manager is never willing to hold his hands up and accept that he’s just as much to blame as the players for poor form.

  • Performances carry on the way they have been at home and they will be able to hear every comment from the deserted stands, then the players will have an excuse. I reckon this is just a rehashed pop at those who sit within DOL’s earshot (JF is that you?)

  • This is all old news, rehashed to get a reaction. David sure knows how to stir the pot though, and he’s never slow in doing so.

  • He’s keeping you in the Premiership, be grateful for that….but pump him up for those games against WET BUM and BUMINGHAM. We need some help boys.

  • Can anyone else think of any other manager that slags his own club off so much? I think its pretty much unheard of.

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