Date: 4th May 2006 at 12:29pm
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Does Juan Pablo Angel want David O’Leary sacked or does he mean something else when he says: ‘I’m not going to talk about my situation, but I think they (the board) know what to do to change things round. We can’t afford to have another season like this. I’m sure they are already taking care of the situation for next season and, hopefully, there will be some changes.’ So he is either asking his employers to sell up and move on (doubtful) or …….. ?

Changes are needed but will we get them? It doesn’t take a genius to realise I think the board are to blame for most of our woes and that every man jack of them should depart BUT the current manager has done nothing in his three years to help the situation in any way-shape-or-form.

Still, from the quotes by O’Leary today, he still believes that a) he is the man for the job at Villa b) that he will be at Villa next season.

Well, if he is, I would imagine a good many fans won’t be.

Following the reports yesterday that he was being linked to the Sunderland job once Niall Quinn takes over (full article ), O’Leary has told the official site:

‘I’ve got a big job to do here.’ You’ve done a big job this season, you’ve been sh** ! (ok, ok, I’m sorry, it had to be done!)

Adding: ‘I haven’t got a clue about that. Niall Quinn hasn’t called me. Just because he’s a big friend, that doesn’t mean anything. I haven’t spoken to him since October. I’ve got a big job to do here. I know what needs to be done here and hopefully I can do that in the summer. I’ve planned a good pre-season and I hope by the time we get to the pre-season, I’ll have made the chances I want to make. I’ll leave the predictions to other people, but I know I’ll be here managing the only Premiership club in the Midlands next season. I’m proud to be managing this great club.’

Meanwhile the official site say that Gareth Barry has backed the under pressure boss. From these quotes can you see any direct backing?

‘We’ll be working hard over the summer and hopefully there will be some new faces to add to the squad. Hopefully there will be some quality players to improve us. It’s always a difficult job for the manager because in having to sell players to bring players in isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are players’ contracts and careers on the line and it’s hard to move them out so the manager has a lot of hard work ahead working with the chairman to bring the right people in.’

He also says the players will be glad when the season is over and will look forward to a fresh start in August adding: ‘Sunday’s match therefore is a big one in terms of giving the supporters something to savour.’

Sorry, I rate Barry, think he is quality and would love to see him captain the team, but that is just bollox. Something to savour? Do us a favour, beating Sunderland (or Blues for that matter) will in no way make up for some of the displays – especially at home – this season.

I digress! Still looking for where Barry backs O’Leary? You might have to wait a while as he added: ‘Everyone at the club – the players and the management staff knows it’s been a hugely disappointing season. We should be higher and we haven’t achieved our objectives.’



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  • I think anybody that doesnt come out with insults is classed as backing DOL these days…its got that bad for him!

  • If nothing changes next season then we can expect more of the same. That’s obvious.

  • I think the players are pretty united in all of this, there certainly doesnt seem to be dressing room unrest, or dissident factions within the dressing room. They all seem to celebrate goals collectively, in a manner that suggests that they are together,

  • good post, if a business goes bust it aint the employees fault its the chairman and mangement.
    Lets hope we do an everton next season, they were amoung the favourites for the drop 2 seasons ago (which im pretty sure we will be) and they finished 4th i th

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