Date: 29th April 2006 at 4:55pm
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Congratulations to David O’Leary. It is now confirmed that we have the lowest ever points tally in the Premiership. Seems he can talk a great game, just can’t get his team to play one.

The one decent thing he has done since coming to Villa in a blaze of self publicity is taking the record for the worst ever Premiership season away from Graham Taylor. David O’Leary said Graham Taylors point tally was not good enough, now he has failed to equal it. GO.

Taylor shouldn’t have come back but will always be remembered for his first spell. Now his 45 points haul 3 seasons ago is no longer our worst ever record, hopefully fans will remember Taylor as a Villa man.

So thanks O’Leary, FOR NOTHING.

The most Villa can expect now is 42 points.

Villa currently have just 9 wins, 12 draws and 16 losses.

Andy Blair’s end of term marks for O’Leary is D.
I’ll give him an F as any manager who turns on the fans is a failure, especially one who salutes the chairman who is holding the club back.


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  • If DOL was a school child he would be in the special education unit. His end of school report would read: David isn’t the most popular of lads. His outburst to the many people who have tried to support him this season, mainly after the trip to Wycombe, wa

  • Under normal circumstances DOL’s position at Villa Park would be under very serious threat indeed. Trouble is, these are not normal circumstances. What top manager, with a proven track record, would want to throw in his lot at his current club, and move i

  • “He at least knows where the current failings lie”? glensider; he is our current failing!!!!!!

  • Fair comment Villain of the North, cant argue too long and loud. I guess what I’m trying to say is that a new man will have to come in and assess the situation blind, we’re back to square one, and with the restrictions HDE imposes the new guy will be at a

  • I take your point glensider but do not agree entirely. Yes in order to achieve anything of note we need to get rid of Doug but with a decent manager I doubt very much that we would be talking about relegation fights for the second half of the season. Re

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