Date: 9th May 2006 at 2:50pm
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David O’Leary says he has two years left on his contract and that he expects to see them out.

The under-pressure Aston Villa boss, who says he has the backing of the majority of fans despite a general dislike by the fans for the former Leeds boss (another set of fans who can’t abide him) has also said that he thinks James Milner wants to sign for Villa because of him.

‘I already regard James as a Villa player and I hope I can get that deal done for starters. The boy wants to come here and I think Newcastle want to do a deal. The only thing James and his agent asked about is my future and how long I’m going to be here. So I can only assume he wants to come to Villa if I’m the manager.’

Adding, most worryingly:

‘I told James I have two years left on my contract, and I expect to see those out.’


7 Replies to “O’Leary Says He Is Staying At Villa”

  • might be an interesting summer, but for all the wrong reasons because if we have to sell to buy, we’ll end up with a squad the same size and probably of even lesser quality.

  • Does DOL ever visit Villa sites, if he does he will surly see that apart from a blinkered chairman very few want him at Villa

  • I’d doubt he would bother, he says he doesn’t like the phone ins so he’d hate these sites, to think we actually dare criticise one of our beloved leaders would be too much to take.

  • If he signs it will be great, there’s no point being miserable and negative about everything

  • according to Dave, only 2 people out of 32,000 want him out ! LMFAO ! He should visit here when he’s not doing anything constructive

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