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An interesting article from an old face appeared in the Daily Mail today.

Yup, non other than former Villa and Leeds boss David O’Leary who, after a three year break, might be looking to get back into the crazy game of football management.

The full interview can be read here:

The main thrust from a Villa point of view is his view on Villa and the fact he had hoped to be the boss when a takeover happened…. Unlucky my son, so close and yet so far… fickle old world eh?!

‘I came in thinking Doug Ellis would go and I’d be the lucky one that Martin O’Neill is now. I gave honest opinions at the end of that year (2005/ 06) saying we need investment here. I was hoping I would be the one that was there when Randy Lerner came in.’

Adding, ‘I read people now and they like Martin. He’s media savvy and he’s saying he’s dealing with a young, small squad. Yet, when I said that it was “Oh, he’s making excuses”. I said the club needed investment to keep it alive. Why did Martin need £50 million this summer?’

‘At the end of the day, Martin, for all the money he has spent over three years – and they’re raving about him – hasn’t finished any higher than what I finished. Those are the facts.’

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BodyButter posted:

According to Soccerbase, DOL’s record at Villa isn’t as good as MON’s.

DOL’s record P131 W47 L49 D35
MON’s record P138 W54 L39 D45


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  • He was much loved and is sorely missed! Must admit at the time I was doing a lot of press for the Ellis stuff and it seemed to a man the press were dead set against the fella, he was awful with the fans, alienated Leeds as well and didn’t know how to play the politics at Villa at all. Apart from that, top job! I do think the last season if not for Barry and Milner (on loan) we’d have been down.

  • O’Leary took us from 6th to 16th.
    MON took us from 16th to 6th! There’s your difference.
    O’Leary bought in Baros and DJDJ for £10M
    O’Neill bought in Ash and Carew for the same amount. Do I need to go on? What a stupid idiot he was! The reason Ellis wouldn’t give him money towards the end is because he was trying to sign Bakke, Viduka and Mills. In other words trying to get his old Leeds team at the Villa. O’Leary is SH*T! Argument closed.

  • Unfair comparison, though. O’Leary, realistically, took Villa from 16th (season before he took over) to 16th, with 6th along the way, while MON has taken Villa from 16th to…wherever when he walks away, with 6th along the way.

  • Those stats are in MON’s favour, but not by much, and Dreary is is right, O’Neill has had way more money to spend.

  • Juan pablo angel`s freak season got us to sixth that year.Whilst o`neill has had more money to spend so have damn near every other club we are competeing against,I could be wrong but i would bet that at the tiime o`leary spent roughly what our nearest competitors spent.Fact is there is NO VILLA FAN that would genuinely swap what we have now for what we had then.O`leary is a cheque book manager simple as that.

  • Clown. The main difference between the two men is that MON has class and O’Leary has none. He has to be the most arrogant person to have ever sat in the manager’s chair at Villa. Furthermore, the players despised him (except Sorensen, who ironically helped get him sacked with the “players revolt.”)

  • certainly can’t accuse MON of being a cheque book manager , not when he spends £12m on Milner, a player Doug wouldn’t let O’Deary buy for £3m.

  • Everyone needs change. You guys took an unaccptable drop and if MoN took you to 16 place, you’d all be on his back too, right? Don’t tell me you wouldn’t! The club had to act.

  • David shut up you boring and useless ****, has it eally been three years, how time flies when you don’t miss a ****.

  • He only ever did one good thing for us . But what a good thing it was ! bought Martin Laursen !!!!

  • He must be as good as o`neill,why else would villa sack him and replace him with o`neill?.

  • Nice to see the careers going well since you left Villa O Dreary
    Major difference is that the Majority of Villa fans do actually like O’Neil – Funny what happened to Leeds though – good job there !

  • I thought he was alright on the footballing side, considering the constraints under which he worked. Certainly no worse than MON and arguably better. The problem was the man himself, couldn’t take the pressure, took it out on the fans and was a manipulative twunt with no integrity. I wouldn’t ever want him back because I don’t respect him, not as a manager anyway, as a player he was great, pity we never had him really.

  • DO’L s career has been going quite well, he got paid £2m in compensation for the last three years.

  • He’s a tool. He was talking about himself in the third person in that interview. Tool

  • DOL moved the team down the table over time where as MON has moved the team up. DOL’s flops were very costly compared to MON’s ie Eric Djemba Djemba compared to Salifou, also when DOL got villa to his highest point he just kept saying they over achieved and were not that good, I know he needed to be realistic but he needed to keep the moral up, just struck me as bad management.

  • Everything is comparable and most peole can use stats in way of their choosing. I can use stats to show a poitive side of M’ON in the same way somebody else could use similar stats to discredit him. However under O’Leary we went backwards. The money argument is not a comparative one because TV Revenue has massively changed the structure and power in the game over the last 3 years. But if money was the argument, then why did he win nothing with Leeds and finish no higher than 5th when he was outspending most people on the planet. O’Leary lost the support of the fans, players and owners. M’on has endured some terrible runs of form in his 3 years, but by and large has maintained the support of a vast majority of people. However I do believe that O’Leary does have the capability to go on and again prove he can be a good manager.

  • He actually got us Joint 5th, and took Leeds to a CL semi ?. So I think he must have got them top 4 at some point . But lets slag the bloke off cause he’s hit a raw nerve with the I want to have MONs babies squad!
    I don’t think O’leary was that good a manager but he’s been more successful than many seem to think. MON is hardly pulling up trees is he ?

  • At the end of the day some of the football we played under O,dreary was the worst i’v seen down Villa park and who could forget donny rovers away, the man was utter pants.

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