Date: 18th April 2006 at 1:41pm
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Following on from the question about David O’Leary earlier, WH Taylor has said Villa should give O’Leary another season to show what he can do without all the injury problems. As always, he makes a compelling argument.

For me its a difficult one. Many of you will have seen my post a few weeks ago about how I feel about the current set up although I am doubtful that anybody else would be able to do better than David O’Leary has given the circumstances.

Yes he had money to spend last summer and yes we all expected to finish higher than we have this season but on the basis that he needed to bring in 8 odd players with that money is evidence in itself that the quality of those signings were only going to be slightly better than what we had. Add to that the fact that the majority (all expect Taylor if I’m correct) of his signings have been injured at some stage this season and you can see that things have not gone to plan for DOL.

I would like to see what he can do with a fully fit squad. Naturally injures effect every team but not to the scale they have effected us over the last 18 months leaving DOL with no fit senior strikers at times and a makeshift back 4 on other occasions.

I say give the bloke one more season and hope that we have more luck on the injury front. Yes the derby wins don’t turn it into a decent season but if we were to win 3 out of last 4 games we might just get a bit more of a respectable finishing position which given the circumstances wouldn’t be a disgrace imo.

On a positive note the kids are coming through and getting experience. That can only be good for the clubs future.

By WH Taylor

Makes interesting reading and backs up what Graham Taylor said about no manager being able to succeed whilst we have the current ‘stale’ set up.


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  • Please god no!!! I don’t think I could stand another season of Mr O’Learys excuses and whining. Not to mention another season of underacheivement and boring boring football. We need a fresh start both in the manager and the boardroom. The only fresh p

  • I would prefer to have a clean sweep throughout the club, but you have to ask, would it have been so boring if not for the injuries? At times we have been down to the bear bones. It is his pr and moaning that has done for him I think, turning on the fan

  • Mr. Taylor makes some very good points, but that DOL has been unable to inject a good deal of pride and determination over the past couple of seasons, I don’t know how another season with him will help. Unless he has learnt a lot from his mistakes. I woul

  • “Have to agree with the unforseen & highly unfortunate injury problem we have had this season, but that still doesn’t excuse O’Learys lack of passion. There have been too many games this season where the players have been going throught the motions, too m

  • You really have to question O’Leary’s nouse in the transfer market. Take Berger for instance, he was always going to miss at least 50% of the season with injuries (look at his record with Portsmouth). Phillips may have been an asset to us 5 years ago but

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