Date: 2nd May 2006 at 4:00pm
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Looks like David O’Leary intends to try to carry on as he says he is up for the fight and doesn’t intend to walk out. Of-course he won’t bloody walk, he is on around £1.7million a season.

It will be interesting to see what Doug does after Sunday (v Sunderland). This is our worst ever Premiership season and Herbert has sacked managers for less.

O’dearme said: ‘I’m like everybody else, with regard to who will take over the club. It’s still ‘wait and see’. Maybe if I was ten years older, I wouldn’t be so willing to put up the fight. You’d give in to it and let it get on top of you, but I’m willing to put up with all the flak as, the longer you stay, the more you want to put it right.’

Ellis is also quoted and at last admits the extent of his ambition:

‘All our figures are based on us being tenth. We are 16th, so you can appreciate the problem that I have got. I’m disappointed at where we are, but we have to face up to it and be realistic that, on the pitch, we have not done as well as we’d have liked.’

How many other chairman would admit that 10th was their aim? No blame on himself I noticed, just on the pitch.

He adds, in what sounds like a concealed threat:

‘There is an answer. We have made decisions about what we are going to do.’

O’Leary says that he is ‘hurt’ that people think he doesn’t care adding he’ll probably get more flak now West Brom and Birmingham City have been relegated ‘because that’s the Aston Villa way.’ Again, if you don’t like it, leave.

Adding: ‘It’s a hard club to manage but I’m immensely proud to be the manager of it. Some-body had to crack this place. You want to be the man that puts it right here. You don’t want to be the man who goes and six months later it all comes right. That would be even more frustrating.’

No O’Leary, what is frustrating is being a fan, not being a very well paid manager who has taken us nowhere in the three years he has resided. Have some dignity and back bone, walk out and leave Ellis isolated.


7 Replies to “O’Leary – Show Backbone And WALK”

  • The same old rubbish. He really doesn’t care about the club.

    As mentioned time and time again, he sought to criticise those who pay his wages. No fans=no income, and everyone is out of a job.

  • Someone just posted on listman that O’Leary was the same with excuses when he was at Leeds. Everytime Villa beat them he was full of the ‘we were unlucky, we played badly’ etc, never admitting they were well beaten or that he had made a mistake. I’m jus

  • so DOL thinks that if the takeover happens it will be HIM who has put us back on top ??
    Dave you showed us what you can do with and without money i dont want to see anymore

  • I read into his statement about how frustarting it would be to leave and then see it all come right in 6 months as him getting ready to claim any crumbs of credit should he move on (sacked or otherwise) and someone else has the club challenging for Uefa s

  • If this take over does happen i can see O’Leary being the first to go followed quickly by the name changing of the doug ellis stand. But its probably just wishful thinking

  • If he does go, I just hope its a very quick process and there isn’t a huge Sky Sports News drama.

  • He might just surprise us all and walk away from the club, but I’m certainly not going to hold my breath. Maybe if a guaranteed job were awaiting him somewhere then that might sway his mind a little, but he doesnt seem to be the type of guy who could read

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