Date: 31st March 2006 at 12:58pm
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So, will David O’Leary show us? And what will he show? No barbed comments, just the figures:

Win Ratio:

Big Ron 43.3% (91/94)
John Gregory 43.2% (98/02)
Brian Little 41.5% (94/98)
David O’Leary 36.3% (03/0?)
Graham Taylor 31.7% (02/03)

League Record

Played 38, won 15, drew 11, lost 12 56 points, 6th.
Played 38, won 12, drew 11, lost 15 47 points, 10th
05/06 So far:
Played 31, won 8, drawn 11, lost 12 35 points, 16th

Lowest ever points tally

At the moment we have the lowest points tally we have ever had in the Prem for this point of the season, 3 years ago under Graham Taylor Villa achieved just 45 points, our lowest haul in the Premiership. DOL is 10 points short with seven games remaining.

Disaster Of A Season

Injuries aside, this season has been a disaster, lets not even mention Doncaster. The performances have been poor and the fans once again seem split on yet another manager.

Lets face it, we have a manager merry go round at Villa and the only thing it guarantees is that Ellis avoids the full glare of the fans and shareholders wrath. We all know it and yet it happens every time.

I doubt DOL has the ability to ‘beat’ the fans once they start calling for his head, another poor display in the local derbies (or a run across the pitch to salute anyone but the home fans!) and the voices calling for his head will no doubt grow.

Then, unless we get this much talked about sale, Doug will bring in the next man and we’ll be promised the next ‘golden future’.

Happy days.


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  • we need to get behind the team AND the manager for the rest of the season as clear and as loud as we can…12th man & all that.
    lets think about takeovers and sackings once the premiereship dust has settled.
    dont get me wrong, im a totally unsatisfied s

  • His record speaks for itself really. You could almost excuse GT as even he has admitted that football has changed and he felt like a bit of a ‘dinosaur’ coming back to manage a premieship team. DOL is supposed to be a bright, young new breed of manager

  • Nothing to lose Jason, well apart from the next few games! I think especially for the local derbies any sort of protests should be dropped and just total support for the team, sod what the manager is doing, just sing our hearts out for the players. Trou

  • I think that there’s a lot more people still on the side of DOL than is immediately obvious. Results and performances have been poor for the past eighteen or so months now, and he continues to put his big feet into it every time he opens his mouth, yet su

  • Not sure about that glen, although the internet community are only a fraction of the Villa lot in total, it looks like a huge majority from threads, polls etc. Our one poll, DOL out, yes or no came up 89% yes, although the last one did have a 1/4 saying

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