Date: 15th May 2006 at 6:22pm
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Well, we wanted clarification, and via the official site we now have it.

David O’Leary will be the manager of Aston Villa next season.

As WH said on our message board, O’Leary should be given the chance to correct the mistakes he made this season. So he’s now got the chance, lets hope he is up to it as I don’t think any of us could stand another season like the last one.

Doug Ellis announced, having come out of a board meeting today:

‘There’s been a lot of hard talking over the last week. But David, the board and I remain committed in our shared belief that the work to be done in the coming weeks will mean there is no repeat of last season’s disappointments.’

And in support of O’Leary:
‘There’s been a lot of talk and a lot of speculation since our last match with Sunderland, but all I can say is that the Board quickly identified that David remains the best person to lead us into the new campaign. No one can pretend that last season’s outcome was anything other than extremely disappointing and I understand why supporters have been frustrated throughout a difficult season.’

He also goes on to say he has urged fans to stick with them. No reasons or plans to suggest why we should but we’ve been over that ground before.

David O’Leary also told the official site: ‘The meetings we’ve had, have identified that everyone has a shared vision for this football club. Let me say right now, that I am determined to show that this season’s struggles were a one-off and should be put firmly behind us. No-one should doubt my commitment to getting it right and the discussions we’ve had – and the plans we’ve put into place – make me more convinced than ever that we’ll prove the critics wrong next season.’

I think the critics were right. What he now needs to do is prove that he can turn things around so he doesn’t get more of the same.

It is certainly an interesting decision, from my point of view, as a fan, I’ll try to put to one side the crap that he has spoken this season, try to forget the digs at the fans and hope beyond all hope that he is able to wheel and deal under the immense restrictions that board have imposed. I can’t stand the thought of going into the season with the same negativity, I just hope he can prove us doubters wrong. Still doubt it, but what can us mere fans do?

You do have to question why the board asked the season ticket holders their opinion on the manager (2/3rds said they won’t renew if the manager remains) if they weren’t going to listen?

Funny old game. Funny old club. Can’t say I’m particularly in the mood to laugh mind you. Not even sure I’m particularly in the mood to renew, but no doubt I will. What a sugarbag!


16 Replies to “O’Leary To Stay At Villa – Official!”

  • It looks like our only hope is that O’Leary moves to Sunderland then ;-(

  • Look over your shoulders boys – you were too close to the trap door this time! Thankfully, Reading might be okay but Sheff United will be pants and Leeds or Watford no better.

  • Going on DOL’s recent basement buys i dont think i trust him with the ‘reshuffling’ of our already small squad….if we do sell the 5-7 players already on the transfer list for peanuts im just worried who we will replace them with.
    DOL is getting rid of

  • Doesn’t alter anything really, should we be in the mire by Christmas he will be sacked I am sure of that. I would love to know what the plan they are referring to actually is, because apparantly it doesn’t involve money

  • I’m glad that the situation has finally been clarified, although I do believe that Ellis gave DOL assurances about his future a few weeks ago. We now have to hope that O’Leary can indeed turn this unholy mess around, but if he does he’ll have to do it pre

  • Judging by his latest interview, is D`OL trying to right all of the wrongs. Seems to be trying to get back into the fans good books.

    At least he’s trying 🙂

  • Does anyone else worry what would happen if we fell out of the Premiership? With Ellis and O’Leary “in charge” it looks like we are going to find out.

  • I suppose we will have to give O’Leary yet another chance. Com the end of Sept we will have a fair idea if he can put right the mess he has made??? Until then I sugest we stop winding ourselves up about him.

  • I agree with Irish – let’s enjoy the WC and worry at a later date. There’s nothing we can do at the moment and, although I’ve been a Villa fan for over 30 years, I think it’s going too far to get too depressed about these things at present. For the sake o

  • Well said irish villa. We’ve got to stop doing our heads in over the O’Leary situation. Lets see what he can conjure up over the course of the summer regarding ins and outs, then we’ve got to hope we can get off to a flyer come August.

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