Date: 3rd May 2007 at 5:23pm
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Martin O’Neill is hoping Villa defender Olof Mellberg will have signed a new deal before the season ends.

The Villa boss said:

‘His agent wants me to get back in contact and between now and the end of the season I’d be hoping to sit down and sort something out. Like anything else, if the player has a notion he wants to stay, then fine, but if he doesn’t want to then there’s not a great deal you can do about it. If he playing well and you want him, then he’s in a good position, if he’s playing poorly and you’re not that bothered, then the club’s in a better position.’

And on the fact the bearded wonder only has a year left on his contract, he added, ‘Listen, if someone’s good enough to play in the side, my basic principle is I don’t care whether he’s got three weeks left.’

Would you extend the contract of Ollie? I would say we must, he has immense experience and rarely lets Villa down. What say you!?


16 Replies to “Olof Mellberg Close To New Deal”

  • Do you get the feeling that o’neill just rates him because he’s been our best option but is really hoping to replace him?

  • Johnny – Gotta agree mate. End of the day we know he’s reliable but if he don’t want to commit then let’s move him out and replace him. It’s not as though we’re in a position like we were at the beginning of the season when we had to tie up the Gareth Barry contract.

  • I don’t think that there’s any suggestion that he wants to quit The Villa. He looks much better with Laursen alongside him. Surely no one wants to see Oli leave?!

  • No, but time moves on and we should definitely be looking at all options. I believe that a new quality central defender this summer is a must, not that I’m suggesting that Olof should be, or would be, the man to wake way for any new arrival. Olof has proved over time to be a great signing, and a loyal, dedicated Villan, and I for one certainly hope he signs a new deal.

  • Exactly Adam,give this man a decent partner and just let him DEFEND and he becomes a Nordic warrior,this man must stay and the whole team must grow beards and run about like a loon just like the Olaf God.

  • I’m with you Adam, would hate to see him go. Oh and agree with Aspinalls madness, they should all grow beards, they should, they should, they must…… arrrggghhhh nurse!

  • Do you think a perm to go with the beard would be too much? And would that catch on to the likes of Gabby, Ash and John Carew. Perhaps that could be the next poll. After you with the nurse JF.

  • Kevn Phillips,1-0,St Andrews,REF blows whistle and off goes the Nordic warrior – arms aloft like he`s just won the Olympic marathon as he despises them dirty b@stards as much as you or I,God i love that man,he can`t pass a ball but he`d slide in and lose a NAD if it meant us winning a game so i say stay a Villa ledge.

  • A passionate posting ASPINALL – Well said that man! As a true Villan, Olof desrves his place alongside the modern era Villa Park legends. He has few equals, while I agree that his comments and observations relating to our neighbours from across this great city of ours, were classic in the extreme.

  • Amen to that Glensider,plus i wasn`t just talking about the squad- maybe every season ticket holder next season could grow a Mellberg,(yes,even the women)

  • ASPINALL rightous words, and a flood of wonderful memories, cheers chap. The bearded one must stay, Ridgewell cannot be allowed to win with his poor excuse for facial hair, and yes they should all grow beards with the exception that those capable of growing massive funky 70s afros should do it, after you with the nurse Mr Fear…….

  • If you think about it since he has been at Villa he has had so many partners at centre-back from Ehiogu, Alpay, Staunton, Barry, Johnsen, Delaney, Hughes, Laursen, Ridgewell, Cahill (im sure there are many more as well) and he has always been the better of the two – and they chop and change every few weeks!!! He can do a job for another two or three seasons and hopefully Cahill, Ridgewell and a young signing made this summer (Curtis Davies from WBA) can come in and take over. He is a quality player and our best CB since Paul McGrath.

  • i personally feel we should all grow Mellberg Beards in honour of him being so great for the first home game of the new season. It can be ‘Olof Viking Warlord Day’

  • Steff – got to agree, that fluff that Ridgewell tries to pass of as facial hair is a disgrace. Looks awesome again does old Ollie, must stay in my opinion.

  • anybody ever noticed when Ollie isn’t playing the defence falls apart?

    He’s awesome. I shall be definitely growing a Mellberg beard for next season (i have blonde facial hair too weyhey)

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