Date: 5th August 2012 at 2:18pm
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Vital Villa member: StuTaylorMrAmbition posted:

Talking of positive news, ive uploaded footage of the 19th minute applause from the game today… Unfortunately, i had to be in the Forest end for the game, but it gave me chance to film all the Villa fans today… Enjoy!

(Forest, if you have objections to the video, contact … hopefully you won’t judging by the fact it is focused on the crowd only!)


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  • Glad you guy enjoyed the footage, i was lumbered in the Forest end because i went with a friend who doesnt have a client ref no to buy an away end ticket with, but it have me chance to film this. In fairness to Forest fans, it wasnt until the end of the applause when they realised what it was all about, so they werent ignoring the cause. I saw quite a few Forest fans in the Asbestos main stand on the other side joining in. Villa fans were great yesterday, theres definately a positive vibe again. Looking forward to Everton coming to Villa Park for the first home game.

  • Yes, cheers for posting up Stu, Villa fans can be the best around when they get going I think!

  • Was really proud to be part of that yesterday…. So long since i have 2stood” as an away fan….brought back the memories… i know it was a friendly and ultimately we lost, however my youngest son has never “gone away” with the Villa he was totally taken aback….think seeing me belting out holtenders and villa, villa etc. he said he’d never seen me so up for it….good job he couldn’t have witnessed Ayresome park in 82 !!!

  • Went on a Celtic forum earlier to see how they’ve reacted to all this ( and they’re up to THIRTY FOUR pages on our Stan. I’m not really into Scottish football, and hate all the sectarian childishness, but this is class. Hope Stan realises just how many people are rooting for him. They’re not all from B6, Glasgow or Bulgaria either – fair play to all those neutrals who’ve taken the effort to give him kind words and the odd prayer. #19

  • It was a brilliant 19th minute and very moving – get well soon Stan, all of football is rooting for you. UTV

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