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One thing is for sure, caution is going to get us nowhere, we will need to fight like lions.

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I noticed this post by DeanoVilla in the Villa relegation thread (click here) (and before you have a go, it was called the staying up thread previously but as we went so badly it was changed before this COVID break!)…. and as it is hopeful and positive, I thought I would post it on the front page.

Just looking at the league table and our remaining games.

I think the break/restart may well have been kind to us.

I think there are 5 teams in the middle of the table that pretty much have nothing left to play for and probably in that essence can’t really be bothered to come back and will most likely be going through the motions.

I’m talking about Burnley, Palace, Everton, Newcastle and Southampton.

All pretty much safe from relegation (maybe Newcastle & Southampton need 1 more win), and all very unlikely to trouble the European spots…. I’m sure the players won’t intentionally be going into games to take it easy, but subconsciously, they must be feeling pretty meh about restarting the season with nothing to play for.

Just so happens we have to play 3 of that 5 (Palace, Everton and Newcastle) so that’s a really big opportunity for us to get points. I’m thinking if we can get our lot to treat them as cup finals, the opposition may well be treating them as training games.

Add to that Sheff U at home in the first game back which is like a cup final I think we have enough opportunities to get some points on the board to at least make that last game at West Ham meaningful.

As McParlandTheGreat adds in the thread These 10 games give us plenty of opportunities to get out of it. Think we need to go out there with a regained appetite for scoring goals, particularly against the teams you mentioned.

With the last line being the most salient:

Caution is going to get us nowhere.

I think that is spot on.  Caution will do only one thing, see us down without a whimper.

Can they fight like lions?  Over to them really isn’t it?

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