Date: 3rd August 2007 at 1:52pm
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Martin O’Neill has insisted that he has not missed out on any player transfer targets and says there will be new arrivals before the month is out.

He told the official site:

‘Rest assured, we will have the players in. There are things in place at this moment. How many? It is hard to say but by the end of the window I would not want to be outnumbered in the sense of who has gone out and who has come in, so we have a few to bring in. I am in the throes of acquiring some more players at the moment. I have allowed some players to go and the chairman has allowed me to run the football club in the fashion I am doing.’

He also says that although he would rather wait and pay less, the market dictates the price and: ‘In an ideal world I would have liked to have had a couple of other players in but between now and transfer deadline, we will have them in. I am absolutely sure.’

And to try to re-assure us: ‘The fans will think we are losing some players and the reinforcements have not come in – but they will be there. Sometimes prices dictate a few things. I don’t mind paying slightly over the odds for someone. I don’t mind paying over the odds in a market where that is what people are doing. But sometimes when it is an enormous amount, I’ll have to maybe reconsider. It is trying to get in the players I want and it’s trying to get value for money. If the two equate, great. I am trying to run a club as diligently as I can but at the same time am aware if you don’t compete, you don’t count. It is a balancing act.’

And on the balancing act he explains: ‘I haven’t missed out on any of the main targets. It is just that the price keeps changing and it is me coming to terms with it. It does make it a bit more difficult but not impossible. There is no point in me carping on about November and December of last year when we had a severely depleted squad and finding out we are doing exactly the same this time around.’

I’m not sure I always understand what he is saying, but I do always enjoy his quotes. Hopefully he comes to terms with it all nice and quickly, then we can all stop moaning and fighting and get on with enjoying watching us compete for Europe. Or at least that is the theory, not sure things are ever quite that simple for us Villa fans, are they?


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  • The club appears aware of the fans concerns. Panic buying the wrong player could set us back big time

  • And while he is coming to terms with the market, other clubs are making huge strides forward leaving us in their wake. A lot of pundits were talking about us as possible top 5 material in June. I notice we didnt even get a mention in a debate for top 8 today!

  • So far we’ve had a nett reduction of seven players. Putting his comment in context he should therefore bring seven in during the next 4 weeks. However working on the fact that Hendrie and DJx2 are not losses as such since they had already ‘gone’ we should be looking at five new faces.

  • No one could predict that W Ham and Man C would spend silly money on second rate players and push the market up so much, but given the amount of money coming into the premiership you can’t blame clubs for trying it on. That being said if that is the going rate then that is what you pay. You buy nothing if you offer half the asking price, which is what we seem to be doing, even if that is the real value of the player.

  • West Ham are spending way over the odds for players but there aren’t that many gambles there. Citeh on the other hand… jeez, Old Sven really has been on Football Manager too long! They’re really going for a hit or miss policy there. Loads of cash on relative unknowns, hoping that they work out. I trust MON and Randy far more than Sven and Thaksin, or Curbs and Egghead!

  • I can’t believe he is saying he is just coming to terms with the transfer market. What has he been doing the last 3 months. From the final day of last season he should have been looking at the market an doing what was required to get the players in that we need. Its such a muddled statement that it would appear to me that he has been told to come out and say something. Why have other clubs come to terms with the transfer market much more quickly than we have. As for no-one predicting that West Ham would be spending big, absolute rubbish. Everyone knew that West Ham would be spending big after the brush with relegation last season. The Man City situation changed during the off-season so couldn’t have been predicted but as many people have said we have been caught cold. I do try not to critcise but this off-season has shown that the board may have the best of intentions but MON should not be dealing with valuations and contracts for players. He should identify the players that he wants and then the CEO should negotiate all other details.

  • Clubs who are in a position to do so are speculating, purely and simply because the rewards are there if they get it right. There are very definitely two different sides to the story with the regards to our ‘inactivity’ in the transfer market this summer, and while I, like thousands of others are baffled, surprised, and puzzled at our lack of involvement in the transfer market to date, MON does we trust have his finger firmly on the pulse, knows what he wants and needs, and accepts that without further key signings we are going absolutely nowhere this season. I think my frustration and anger is founded more upon our infuriating policy of off-loading players before we have better improvements heading through the entrance door. That to me, just doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense. The right full back position being a classic example.

  • Give the guy a break, ill be honest and say hes making the most of what we have, I’d rather he not spend than have another Marlon Harewoodesque buy like a Titus Bramble for 10m or something

  • It sounds like a load of b@llox,i`ve never heard such mumbling rubbish and sick of the all talk-no action policy.My Sunday team manager is more prepared than this.

  • I think we all agree that mon has completley messed up. He needs to learn and learn quick. Next season will prob be another of missed chances aka Fat Ron Brian Little and JG. We all blamed Doug who are we going to blame this time???

  • No one am sure he knows what he is doing I am fed up with the window but am sure its a plan I dont wanna think thins like we aint signed anyone because they didn’t want to come.

  • Martin is a great manager but he has admitted himself he doesnt understand the transfer market(sic) Its incredible if Bruce had said that we would be howling!!

  • dunno but if I wa shired I’d let him pick the teams and tell them what do do while I go after the players I want and splash the cash but i’d have to talk to Martin first

  • LITTLE77 – I don’t agree with you. I am frustrated at lack of arrivals but that’s my enthusiasm. MON has now stated that we should see a couple of fellas coming in. I’ll be happy with that. UTV.

  • I find it hard to believe some of you guys. For heaven’s sake stop moaning and get yourself a valium! MON has just indicated that we WILL be bringing players in, and you are all cursing and swearing and telling him how crap he is. What on earth would you be like if he hadn’t issued his press release – gibbering wrecks?

  • And by the way, are you deliberately misreading what he said? He did NOT say he was having to come to terms with the transfer market, but that he was having to come to terms with being quoted one price one day, and then an inflated price the next. How would you react if you were buying a house and the price kept going up every time you spoke to the seller? Would you not take a night to sleep on it? Would you not think “bugger me they’re havin a laugh”? I would!

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