Date: 22nd October 2009 at 5:46pm
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Martin O’Neill has hit back at the recent criticism of Ashley Young, describing him as one of the best wingers in Europe.

Speaking on the official site O’Neill was reacting to media reports accusing Ash of a dip in form.

‘Sometimes people need to realise how tough it is. He tracks back to help his full-back, he’s covered 40 or 50 yards and the next thing you know, the midfielder gives him the ball back and he looks up and he’s got 90 yards to go and about 15 players to beat.’

Never let it be said Monny doesn’t exaggerate for effect.

‘You have to please the crowd every single time by beating two or three players. You will lose it once or twice and you will misplace the odd pass and cross.’

Now to be fair this a bit of a non issue. Ash’s form has dipped, everybody knows it.

His crossfield, diagonal ball to Milly recently was probably the best ‘cross’ of the season from the lad. Other than that he’s been very hit and miss, he’s been going down a lot and he’s just not been as effective as you would expect.

In his defence yes, our main tactic is give him the ball regardless of his starting position which doesn’t help. He’s being double and triple marked and instead of taking advantage of the space we still give him the ball and whilst the squad is no doubt stonger in defence, we are not playing the fast flowing football we did when Ash ‘made his name’. Let’s not forget all players suffer with drops in form, this just happens to be Ash’s.

All of this means basically, that brighter things are around the corner.

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