Date: 14th April 2009 at 3:26pm
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Strange title, but that’s basically the answer to the question ‘where will we be in a year’s time.’

Speaking exclusive to Sultana Sports, O’Neill told Darrell Currie that he has fears about Man City and Spurs going into next season as he expects them to be up there challenging the Top 4 aswell.

‘If you look at Manchester City, they have the wherewithal to be really big players next season.

‘You look at Tottenham Hotspur, who spent a lot of money in January time just to get out of trouble. Their rise has been terrific and next season they will be setting their sights very high again.’

Man City maybe, but Spurs are expected to break the Top 4 every season and they always struggle to break wind, let alone anything else.

In typical style O’Neill also talked about not breaking the bank or wasting any of Lerner’s money in a bid to improve our strength and depth.

‘I don’t mind taking a risk and paying slightly over the odds for someone, as in the case of Ashley Young. If we were to sell him, which we would not be doing, you would quadruple your money if that’s the case.

‘I’m in it to try and make it work under the parameters of which I have been given and that is the whole point.

‘I don’t think in this financial age we’re in at the moment that people can just throw things at it and not expect some kind of repercussion.

‘The owner is trying to improve the facilities as it’s a tangible way of making progress. If we make the facilities better for the fan to come here and enjoy and, if the football is good as well, hopefully they’ll stay.

‘We’ve housed 40,000 fans for the past two seasons so we must be doing something right.’

The subject of fans was raised aswell sadly.

‘Fans wouldn’t be fans if they didn’t enjoy moaning. It’s part of the game. You get it at Old Trafford, Anfield, Stamford Bridge and Emirates Stadium. It doesn’t really matter so that’s not a problem.

‘Mr Lerner is delighted with the fans, regardless of who is criticising or not.

‘If you pay your money, you’re entitled to criticise.’

Oh so now we enjoy moaning. We enjoy seeing a capitulation in domestic and European cup competitions. We enjoy seeing players having no idea where they are meant to be playing in games. We enjoy seeing unfit, and out of form players stuck by when we have other options.

Yeah ok but at least he accepts we are entitled to do so.

So it’s fitting to end with something even the fans agree with Martin on.

The question of where will we be in a year’s time:

‘I’ve no idea. Honestly.’

Neither have we Martin, but we’ll enjoy the ride nontheless, as fans it’s what we do….well that and moan of course.


48 Replies to “O’Neill Honestly Has No Idea”

  • What ever you say about us, spurs will always be as likely as any other team to break into the top 4. We have finished 5th twice in the last three seasons, including a season were we were 4th till the last day of the season. We have made it to wembley twice in 2 seasons and trashed Arsenal 5-1 and outplayed chelsea in the final to win the league cup last season. We were very unlucky to loose against Manu on penalities this season. We are the only team to have qualified for the Eufa cup in all of the past 4 seasons and despite manking the worst start to the season in the history of the club(2 points after 8 games),it looks like we will qualify again. We are the only team who are unbeaten against the so called Big 4 this season.Our squad player to player is valued about 40 million higher than liverpool,just 5 million less than Manu and 20million below chelsea and astronomically higher than arsenal. We have the 3rd most valued squad in the league. We have 23 full internationals in our first team squad,i am not even sure if your squad is that big. Furthermore we will spend atleast upto 40 million in the summer and strenghten our squad. Anybody other than the Big 4 care to Compete? That is why we will be as likely as any team to break into the top 4 no matter how bad a season we have had.

  • ^^ beautifully modest, as you would expect from a spuds fan.
    Not sure how you came to the conclusion that your ‘likely’ to be in Europe again next year?? Plus your about to have the record of finishing in the top 5 twice in the last 4 seasons.

  • Yep, it must be wonderful to be a spud, to have such an expensive, massive squad, with such massive International players, with such massive egos, with such massive expectations, and never get anywhere, still ending up behind one of the smallest squads in the Premiership : ) It’s not what you’ve got Yid, it’s how you use it that counts, UTV

  • Hitman, i said we are likely to be in europe again next season as we are 3 points off 7th after we beat the spammers(who currently occupy 7th). We are also one of the form teams in the league as we have won 5 of our last 7 games and both fulham and west spam have a tough fixture list while we have a comparitivly easy one and two 5th places in 4 seasons is still a better record than anybody else. We also puhed arsenal far more than you have done this season, on both the occasions.

  • love the ‘fans wouldn’t be fans if they weren’t moaning’ he should listen to his lot (ie managers) boy oh boy that lot can moan for England… or in Wengers case France, or in Rafa’s case… oh sod it, you get the idea! lol

  • How many times has ‘Arry broken into the top 4 in his 20 years of management???? Spuz have never finished in the top 6 or bottom 6 of the league before their lucky 5th place 2 years in a row after spending more than every other team except the top 3.
    “Our squad player to player is valued about 40 million higher than liverpool,just 5 million less than Manu” Only a Spuz fan would believe their own hype. We have had a couple of sensible Spuz fans around recently as they have been brought down to earth by their pathetic excuse for a season but THIS BLIND OVEROPTIMISM is what we have come to expect from the Yids over the years and they are back as soon as they get a couple of wins. LOL

  • Villan444, your argument is stupid. Arry has never managed a really big club or a club with ambitions of breaking into the top 4. Has Martin oneill Broken into the top 4? no. How can you be lucky for 2 straight seasons? we Deservede the two 5th spots and we were 4th till the last day of the season where we had a simple task of beating the hammers and we had a food poisioning incident in the hotel the players were staying and practically feilded a reserve team against west ham and got beat. If anybody was lucky ,it was arsenal. Anyway if our Back to back 5th place was lucky then what does it make your 5th place this season?The squad Value thing is not a hype. The prices of all the premier league squads was calculated and published recently and i am not making it up on my own.If you want you are more than welcome to look it up.

  • Got to love the spuds fans, how deluded can they be. No team has played better at our ground this season than Aston Villa who throughly deserved the win. Spuds were completely outplayed at the Emirates but got extremely lucky on the night (although I will credit them with actually showing enough heart to come back for once). Any team can go out & overspend on average players like spurs do & then claim their squad value is such & such an amount, the fact is Arsenal’s squad may have cost a lot less than spurs but ask any neutral fan & they would pay much more to buy most of Arsenal’s squad than they would Spurs. As for the comment about spuds spending 40+ million this summer, thats complete rubbish. The only way spuds will spend anything like that is if they sell players first, the club as of the last accounts were 40 million in debt & that doesn’t include any of the January buys, so actually the club are somewhere around 70-80 million in debt. Redknapp said only a few weeks back that he’ll be looking for free signings & loans in the summer.

  • villan444 check this link out

  • Struggle to break wind?? lol good one that. We came alot closer to that elusive top4 spot than you guys ever have, twice. A dose of reality is needed i think!

  • Ashburton Gonner, Please Know the facts before you just type Rubbish.We are one of the very few clubs in the BPL to be dept free. Mate we will spend 40million weather you like it or not. Did you know we spent 53million in january,higher than Mancity and i again repeat ,we are still dept free. We only spend the revenue we recieve. We do receive a lot of revenue,11th highest in the world to be presice(richest team not to be playing champions league football),and we are the team in the top 20 with the smallest ground capacity. this is a testiment to our worldwide fanbase.

  • YFI- Go check spuds latest accounts before you talk rubbish, spurs actual debt as of 31/12/2008 was 40.1 million, since then you spent 30-40 million in January which wasn’t included in those accounts, so that leaves a figure of 70-80 million of debt.

  • It might be what your squad cost yid, but what it cost and what it is worth are two different things. For christ sake your keeper cost £7 million and is a popular as Gary Gliiter in a play school. Keane is back with you because he wasn’t good enough for a big club. Your best player can only play 10 games a season and wuppty doo for finishing 5th twice. Other than that you have failed to ever be in the top (or bottom for that matter) six since the formation of the Premier League. You are with out doubt the most average club going with laughable expectations of grandeur. Harry the twitcher has relegated more clubs than he has won (that will be a grand total of 1 trophy by the way) trophies with. However as Spuds, along with most of the media owners in the UK, are of the 4 by 2 persuasion, you get undesreved coverage and then believe your own hype. Clueless is the word that most springs to mind. And being such a big club, why was your little ground 20% empty for the League cup game against Murderpool this season?

  • Just because Yid From India decided to have a rant doesnt give you the excuse to comprehensively slate our club. All clubs have moronic fans and clearly your no exception with regards to Villain444 whos been slating us for months. Blind OVEROPTIMISM in my book PAL is 2months ago expecting to finish 4th with Emile Heskey and John Carew in your first XI. Villa have had a good season and now your expectation level is much higher. Welcome to our world, and its not pretty. Ive noticed your own players have started getting booed and your miracle worker manager is getting heavily criticised. Oh and your fans are getting petty and deluded. This is like looking at Spurs 2years ago (without Emile Heskey) I understand many Spurs fans on here seem deluded but some of you lads need to take a good luck at yourselves. You have had a fine 7months and now some of you think youre way ahead of the likes of us despite your squad being nowhere near as strong as ours. Infact i expect ONeill to come after the likes of Darren Bent and Huddlestone in the summer despite them being our reserves.

  • Here’s the sentence from those accounts I just spoke about:- “This sustained investment has taken a number of years and it is a credit to the Club that net debt at 31 December
    2008, after this sustained period of investment, stood at only £40.1m.” Just incase you still don’t believe it the website is & the line above about the debt is on page 2 right above where it says in bold On The Pitch.

  • and voiceoftheholte i could start replying about our history/fanbase/new 60,000 stadium around the corner blah blah, but youre right. Harrys *****e. Were a small club, much smaller than Villa. Our reputation as a big club is all a media conspiracy blinding the eyes of the country away from the midlands and our grounds always empty thats why were building a 60,000 stadium – were gonna fill the extra seats with blow up dolls and announce a newsponsorship deal with Ann Summers. Oh and calling Liverpool “Murderpool” the day before the hillsboro disaster – nice touch that one!

  • HY – Haven’t you seen that spuds have reduced the capacity already down to 58,000 for the new stadium. By the time it’s built it’ll probably be even less.

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